Is this 'Elsa Spath' ?

starsplitter(4/5 New Eng)May 16, 2014

Hi all,

I believe that I looked this up last year. It's a lovely plant and this year will get more sunlight as we (sad) cut down a large oak that was too close to the house (but gave wonderfully cool summer shade).

Does anyone recall the features of 'Elsa Spath' that differentiate it from, say, other lavender, maroon-anther clematis? Thanks.

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starsplitter , This is a picture of my Elsa Spath taken today, it bloomed 2 days ago, the older blooms look the color of yours, and of course they do not get a lot of sun, so color can vary. I did notice after your post, I went out to look at mine, and some blooms have 8 petals and some have 6. I had never noticed before. I don't know of anything more distinguishing other than the red anthers. I hope this helps a bit.

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starsplitter(4/5 New Eng)

Thanks, Debra. Interesting about the variation in petal number.

It's a good thing we don't need IDs to enjoy these beauties ;)

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