Brugs need homes :)

knotz(8/PNW SWWA)October 4, 2011

I have these to trade for at least 5 cuttings of Xena if anyone has her.

Miner's Claim - 1

Miss Anna - 1

Dola - 3

Pink Masterpiece - 2

Cherry Slush - 2

American Pride - 2

If anyone has any that bloom big blooms, or yellow ones with really long tendrils, I'd be interested in those too...I'd like these to go all together if possible :)

Thanks guys!!


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Knotz I don't have Zena but have been looking for Miner's Claim. I have a couple nice yellows, Angel's Golden Dream and Swingtime. I'm not interested in the others but if you want to trade that one let me know.

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I don't have it... but i'd be interested in some if you have extras. I have db purple eater Angel Trumpet. Are you interested in that? or Bromelaid or white Ginger Lillies or Night Blooming Cereus? have other stuff to tempt you... :)

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knotz(8/PNW SWWA)

All that's left are the 3 Dola cuttings...Any takers??


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chena(z8 Texas)

Hey Caren!
i would be interested in Dola.. I lost mine last yr.. I have a couple i can cut on but no yellows.. Or postage..Thanks for the offer..You might want ti check with Mike.. He always has Xena..


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Ament(5a SD)

I wish I had anything to offer. All I've got is two babies that Bill was generous enough to share with me. :) Sorry I haven't anything to share! I'd gladly offer a home though! If that was an option. :)


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knotz(8/PNW SWWA)

All the cuttings have a new home...Thanks to all who asked for them :)


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sibhskylvr((Mike) Arkansas)


Of course I have 'Xena!' Plenty of her! :) She's on the front porch - somewhere in the mess! lol! Should be cutting her back in a couple of weeks! And I could have used that 'American Pride!' Seems I'm always late!! That seems to be an elusive one for me!

Just bought the new place about three months ago! Loving it so far! Been really busy the past couple of months getting it to look & be what I want it to be! We named it 'Possibilities!' So far, so good, and the name fits! :)

Hello everyone!! Looks like there are alot of new members! Yayyyy! Hope everyone had a GREAT Summer! To hot here in Arkansas! And from what I've read - HOT everywhere! With cooler temps - Brugs are now FINALLY doing something! lol!

Hi Kylie! Hi Karyn!! Hope you two are doing well! How's the Greenhouses Karyn?? I bet they've been keeping you busy! :)


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Mike nice to see you, it's been a long time. I love the new place. It's beautiful. Stone is the best. The yard/brugs look great. It appears quite a bit bigger then your old place. Is is close to where you used to be? No fur babies in the pics. How are they liking it?

As usual I'm going to have a hard time fitting everything into the greenhouse. I'm not growing much in the way of tropical fruit trees any longer and have cut way back on plumerias. Both just take up too much space in the winter. I've been collecting lots of South African succulents, especially asclepiads the past few years.

Take care.

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Ament(5a SD)

Beautiful place there Mike, absolutely love it. My dream home is a log cabin. Hoping eventually DH and I can get one. He's military so we're kind of unable to really settle down right now. :D Not got very good pics of the place we're currently in, I'll get pics next season for everyone. Promise! This year, total burn down of the lawn makes for miserable images. LoL


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Wow Mike, didn't know you were moving. These new place looks like you have plenty of outdoor room for all your brugs and fur family! Can't wait till spring to see vines growing up those stone walls, maybe??! :-)

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chena(z8 Texas)

WOW Mike Love the new place..Great Pic's!! and where are the Fur Babies??? LOL
Nice to see ya to My Friend..I hope ya'll know Mike also has a site open to everyone at FB called Brugmansia Lovers Unite!


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Beautiful place...Nice collection of plants..Your right about the temps in Ar, glad it is finally cooling down..Trish

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maile_2010(4 Central MN)

Very nice Mike. Like the large stones in the yard. Lots of Brugs also and in pots. Awesome stone work on the house.

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Great looking place! I can just imagine during spring early summer!beautiful brugs too.Kylie thanks for the FB site will go there to look around. Marcie

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