Has anyone read'Mycelium Running' by Paul Stamet?

dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)August 20, 2009

Paul Stamet the mycologist (fungus expert)

He has several books but this one is more directed towards home and forest gardeners and lovers of healthy soils.

I'm off to Borders to see if they have it.

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cjmones(7 Clt, NC)

No, but I just looked it up on the library site and it looks really interesting. Did Borders have it? I will request that the library get a copy if you guys want to do the same. Maybe with a little tag-teaming they'll order one.

I have to say, now that we're talking about books, that I want to know who else is checking out the books that I am getting from the library.

My husband brought me home a backyard chicken book and I couldn't renew it because people were requesting it!! Who are those people??? :)

Seriously, I want to know who is in the chicken underground in Charlotte and is checking out that book. And the permaculture books that I mentioned a month or two ago. There were requests out for those too...

I know Charlotte is a big city but we all don't seem as in tune with the natural world as the Raleigh area. Thank goodness we have Dottie but it would be nice to have a QueenCityJohn too. I'd give $10 for TriangleJohn to move a little west...

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Ralph Whisnant(z7b-8 NC)

Dottie, the Borders stores here in Cary and Apex have that book. I have read excerpts as recently as this week and plan to buy it the next time I get one of their 40% off coupons from Borders Rewards. I did just buy at Borders in Apex a new book called Microgreens by Franks and Richardson. Seed for microgreens are planted thickly and harvested about 2 weeks after sprouting at the cotyledon stage just before true leaves develop. I envision leaving a few plants to continue on to the next stage (baby greens)and / or to plant out under hoops for the fall and winter. The authors claim this is the next big thing in gourmet salad gardening.

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

Ralph (and everybody) I learned NOT to use standard seeds from a packet to harvest sprouts from.
Years back when we had a pet rabbit I wondered why she wouldn't eat the carrot and beet seedling thinnings.
It occurred to me to check the seed packets and I learned some of these seeds have an anti-fungal agent sprayed on them.
So, just a word to the wise, read your seed packet because I know I've seen some that are packaged specifically for the harvesting of sprouts.

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cjmones - Well, as a matter of fact I AM MOVING WEST! but only 10 minutes west. Soooo lets just say it is a tiny baby step closer to Charlotte.

Every county in every state has gardeners that are willing to share and learn. The problem is finding them. GardenWeb does a great job of putting like minds together. I think that Raleigh and the "triangle" is blessed because some world class horticultural things are happening, all within an hour of each other. Some of this might be because of NCState being an Ag school? because of Plant Delights? because of the late JC Raulston and Elizabeth Lawrence?? I don't know. I consider myself just an enthusiastic gardener that is always willing to try new things and tell the world about it. Truthfully I believe my gift is not my skill at gardening, it is that I work in advertising where I edit ad text all day long so I have a way of putting the "knowledge" down on paper - its not what I'm saying, but how I'm saying it.

About Mycelium Running - I haven't looked for this book yet. I have a friend in South Dakota doing a ton of research work on mycelium and it all looked interesting when I was last up there visiting. BUT, some of the truly great minds in horticulture are saying that if you amend your soil properly the proper myceliae will spread into your garden without any help at all and that there is no benefit to buying spore and innoculating your garden. But I did see a report from some guy doing research and he had set up a company that sells all sorts of fungi that you simply water in and it will solve a number of problems. The coolest part was that you sent him money and he sent you a package that was really just a thick paper brochure about what you were buying. But the brochure was the media, it was impregnated with the spore! you simply soak the paper and lay it on the ground and the fungi myceliae do their thang - how simple is that! He had fungi that attack ants or termites, so you could treat the area right around your foundation and eventually end all wood destroying insects. He was working on fungi to eat dangerous waste from our trash. It was all fascinating... maybe I really want this book.

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

TJ..that's the same author. 6 ways mushrooms save the earth
It would be interesting to find that influenza viruses originated with mycelium as a defense against browsing animals. I mean, certain trees and vines have chemical defenses against insects or overcrowding by other plants.
I suppose it's not inconceivable.

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