Orange tree nitrogen deficiency?

triciagrace07April 20, 2014

I have an orange tree in a pot and it just started blooming bright green leaves and some of the other leaves have pronounced veins. Also the darker green ones that are curling. I use worm compost & blood meal as there anything else that could be causing this. My little orange buds have been falling off :-(

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Looks like not enough Nitrogen to me. I would fertilize with a good citrus fertilizer that has the proper NPK ratio. It should be as close to a 5:1:3 ratio as possible.

Patty S.

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Yes , I am with Patty,..

One that is readily available in a good fertilizer since that kind of fertilizer works too slow in pots and works different in ground trees..


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Thank you! It now even has some brown spots on its bright green leaves

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