Emergency!! Cat peed on Omoshiro

cohouserMay 27, 2011

I just found my new Omoshiro's leaves dying, when yesterday they were green and fine. I suspect one of my cats peed on it. It's just tiny still. Does anyone have an idea for an antidote? I've flooded it with water, thinking to dilute the pee, but we've had a lot of rain recently so I may have just dealt it another blow. I've wanted an Omoshiro for a long time and hate to think it may die. All suggestions gratefully accepted.

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You did everything correctly. With any chemical burning, flushing the plant with a large amount of water is recommended. I do not think that your Omoshiro got a severe burning though. Just wait and hope now...

I also got Omoshiro this year after many years of hunting. Tiny baby in 2" pot from a local nursery. Potted it up. Hope it will bloom for me some day...

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Thanks for your reassurance, Alina. I'll cross my fingers and hold my breath...

I wish you the best with your infant Omo.

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