Best Brugmansia's on my list

ruthzOctober 10, 2012

Please look at my list and tell me which Brugs in your opinion would be the best to keep.

Best blooming and best fragrance are the ones I'd like to keep. Keeping in mind our summers are hot, hot, hot.

Maybe I have some that are very similar, but one is a little better than the other one.

I was trying to narrow it down after they all bloom, but I'm still waiting for some of them. And to be fair some of the pots are way too small and need to be replaced before they will do good.

I'd like to thin them down to maybe half of these.

I'm tired of having to drag pots around all the time and they don't do as well in the ground for me.

At least they didn't when I tried a few years ago.

* Adora

* Bergkonigin

* Charles Grimaldi (keeping)

* Cherub

* Dr. Seuss (keeping)

* Ecuador Pink

* Eternity

* Frosty Pink

* Isabella

* Jamaica Yellow

* Jessie's Angel

* Mountain Magic

* Naughty Nick

* New Orleans Lady

* Pink NOID - blooms well and smells nice, was traded to me as Ecuador Pink, but I think not

* Rosatraum

* Species (double white from Logee's)

* Super Nova

* Uconn Treasure

* Whiskers

* White NOID it's bloomed better then others this summer, but not I'm not impressed with the fragrance

* Xena

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Ruth I will trade you some Naughty Nick din't perform well for me and I woul like to get Mountain Magic back. I lost it a couple years ago. I have Day Dreams that would do well at your house. It does well here and I'm right beflow you, lol.

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I haven't grown all on your list but of the ones I do have I would definitely keep CG, Dr Suess, NOL, Mountain Magic, Cherub, Jamaica Yellow and Frosty Pink. They aren't all necessarily favorites of mine but seem to do well regrdless of growing conditions. Day Dreams, Emerald Frost, Peaches & Cream, Ecuador White, Super Spot, Sam, Butterfly (pink) and Maya are other low maintenance, well performing varieties for me. We have hot (90's plus the past few years), humid summers and these hold their buds much better then most others. I love the Angels Golden Dream and other Angels as well as many of the other double/triple+ cultivars but they don't bloom reliably for me.

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gymnmore(z8, LA)

I don't know which ones are the best, but this is the last year I'm growing Uconn Treasure. It just doesn't like the heat here. I have a noid white that does so much better, so that will be my white "keeper". ~ Judy

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Thanks ladies. This is the kind of information I'm looking for before making decisions.

* Charles Grimaldi (keeping)
* Cherub (keep)
* Dr. Seuss (keeping)
* Frosty Pink (keep)
* Jamaica Yellow (keep)
* Mountain Magic (keep)
* New Orleans Lady (keep)
* Species (double white from Logee's) will probably keep this one as DH loves the doubles

* Adora
* Bergkonigin
* Ecuador Pink
* Eternity
* Isabella
* Jessie's Angel
* Naughty Nick
* Pink NOID - blooms well and smells nice, was traded to me as Ecuador Pink, but I think not
* Rosatraum
* Super Nova
* Uconn Treasure
* Whiskers
* White NOID

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Adora doesn't like our North TX heat. How did yours do this year?
The ones I have that do take the heat are:
CG, Dr.S, Gaxlaxy, & NOL. I would like a cutting of your Bergkonigin though.

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Isabella has bloomed all summer for me even in the extreme heat...Its my best bloomer.You have a few I would love to trade cuttings for if you are interested..

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fool4flowers, Naughty Nick hasn't bloomed for me yet but I just rooted it over the winter. I'm hoping it gets better.
I can trade a cutting of Mountain Magic for a cutting of Day Dreams.

printmaster, I didn't take notes, so I'm not sure if Adora has bloomed yet for me.
Bergkonigin is not big enough to take cuttings yet.

huneybunch, Isabella has bloomed a little, but has not been my best bloomer this summer. That would be Dr. Seuss and Charles Grimaldi.
Sure, I'll trade cutting. Let me know which ones your interested in.

Please note, most of mine are blooming or have buds now.
It would be sometime in November after they have finished blooming before I'll take cutting.
Most of the cutting would be small in diameter.
A few are not big enough for cuttings this year.

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This is Tropical Sunset (lower left). She is so heavy with blooms, that I have had to prop her up.
What I currently have flushing:
Tropical Sunset
2-Yellow Noids
Charles Grimaldi
Inca Gold
New Orleans Lady
I also have Dorothy Yard & Miss October.
They didn't fair to well in our summer heat, but are making a come back.

Plants I'm wanting to trade for different varieties:
Emerald Frost - seen in the upper left corner of this pic.
Peaches & Cream


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The Emerald Frost is actually in the upper left of the photo.

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'Cherub' and 'Dr. Suess' did fabulously well for me this year. And that was during the hottest summer I can recall here.

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Lin barkingdogwoods

Ruth, I just planted my UConn Treasure cutting out this year, and it's performed spectacularly! Every branch had lots of blooms. It's definitely a keeper for me.

I had a cutting that was marked Jamaica Yellow, but it bloomed white, so I guess it's marked wrong (and I marked it!)

Carrie told me that Jesse's Angel needs a lot of sun to bloom, so that may be an issue in your yard (it is in mine). Hope to see you at her cutting day!


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