What tree to buy in tropics

sjon(11)April 25, 2011

Hello fellow gardeners.

I have a question. I live in the tropics. Highs in the low 90s and low in the low 80s all year round. Not much rain, but i have a hose :). I already have a young lime tree (unknown species) growing and it's doing well.

I would like to expand but i don't know what types of citrus and which cultivars will do well in these climatic conditions. If i don't have it wrong, most citrus are subtropical plants.

Should i grow from seed, or should i order a plant. The latter option would be a costly one i presume.

Thank you

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Grapefruit (C. paradisi) and pummelo (shaddock, C. grandis or C. maxima) are quite good in the tropics. Among the mandarins, I've seen good-quality 'Ponkan' in the consistently hot tropics. Sweet oranges (C. sinensis) won't develop very good color without cooler weather, but the flavor should be fine. With any of these, flowering may be light (and therefore lower fruit set) than you'd get in a climate with more pronounced seasons. A strong dry season followed by wetter will help stimulate a bloom.

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I love grapefruit! Now i'm gonna try to find a plant....

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