are these asparagus seeds?

thomis(7)August 27, 2008

I supposedly planted 20 crowns of the jersey variety which are all male and should have no seeds. These look like seeds to me. 3 of the 20 plants seeded out like this. Should I collect them so they don't fall and sprout?

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Those are the fruit, the seeds are smaller and pretty much fill the inside of each of those things you see. The fruit will turn bright red/orange which can be kinda pretty in the late fall/winter garden.

It is easier to just weed out the babies when they are a few years old or cut down the plants before the fruit start to fall (much later in the year).

Not every fruit is going to fall. Not every seed is going to sprout. Not every sprout is going to survive. No need to make too much work over it.

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The seeds are bright on my plants right now - so pretty in an otherwise boring late summer garden, like Christmas bulbs on tree ferns. They do seed around, carried by wind or birds or muddy shoes picking them up and laying them down.

I've found baby asparagus from these wayward seeds growing all over my fenced veggie garden, even in the daylily beds. I just dig them up and plant them where they can be taken care of properly and/or give away at least a dozen every year to those people who wouldn't buy a bundle of 25 but just want 1. Hah! They'll have 25 in two years if they are female.

Nancy the nancedar

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gnomey(7b SC zip296)

wow.. I had no idea asparagus was that big. I have a packet of seeds, I'll have to find more room to plant them.

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