Pale Nellie Moser

windymess z5May 18, 2014

Well, my Nellie is in her third season. The first year she bloomed a little and the flowers looked like what I'd expect. Second year she bloomed a little more and grew a little more, but I would describe the plant as looking a bit "anemic" or pale - both the flowers and leaves. Interesting thing about year two was that a "volunteer" Nellie came up and bloomed among the weeds in the empty lot next door to us. This year I pruned the plant pretty hard in very early spring. There's lots of good growth. So far one bloom. Pale, pale, pale! And I think the leaves are pale, too. Now, this should be an ideal location for her: morning sun, afternoon shade. She faces NE. I have fertilized with my special 'tea' of composted manure and water for the last two years. This year I thought I'd follow another GWer's advice and try Rose Tone. Any thoughts? Oh, I also gave her some alfalfa meal tea last year (that stuff stinks!!!). Thanks!

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windymess z5

Here's a photo....

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windymess z5

Another photo.... Sorry. I can't figure out how to place more than one on a single message.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Pale blooms in my garden are general sun faded....

You don't need to brew alfalfa tea. Go to a feed/farm/ranch store and buy a bag of alfalfa pellet horse feed. About ten bucks. Just toss them by the handful around your plants. I go through a bag a year. They are great. I also use Rose Tone on my Clems.

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windymess z5

Thanks buyorsell, I'll get those pellets. Well, I'm waiting to see how the other buds look when they open! And I'll give it time. I don't think it's the sun because it only really gets morning sun and this year so far we've had way too many cloudy, cooler days!

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I've had the same problem you've had with my Lincoln Star. Mine is 3-4 years old, with no problems growing & flowering, but the reddish bar color is very pale, during both 1st & 2nd blooms. I don't think fertilizer is the problem, because all my stock get the same regimen & this is the only problem child. Initially I thought it might be due to the very hot weather here (9a), but this should not affect the 1st bloom. I've layered one branch and thereafter plan to severely prune & move this one into another location. If this doesn't work I will probably try Carnaby, which is similar.

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