black nursery pots

plantbugAugust 6, 2010

I am looking for 30gal plus nursery pots to re-use. Anyone know where you can find these free or for a reasonable price? Close to Greensboro or Asheboro?

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I assume you want 30 one gallon containers. I just received a hundred "one gallon" pots from the Greenhouse Megastore. I just googled for pots and found these people. The bm300 size is what's considered a one gallon pot in the nursery trade. It's actually about three fourths. With shipping I think it came to about 40 cents per pot. If you want a true one gallon you have to look elsewhere. I also ordered a 4 cubic foot bag of perlite and it cost about two thirds what I would have paid locally.


Here is a link that might be useful: Greenhouse Megastore

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Claire Pickett

Stanley Lawn and Garden on Wicker St. in Sanford is going out of business. I noticed that they have tons of nursery pots toward the back. It might be worth calling to see if they have what you want.


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I was looking for some recently myself and happened to ask the guy at my local Lowe's if they had any other sizes available to purchase. He showed me over to a corner of the garden area and told me to take all of them I wanted. They apparently give away all the nursery pots of plants they use or throw out. You may want to check with your local places as well...they may do the same. :)

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Tammy Kennedy

Where are you at lat4005? Curious if it's a lowe's close to me.

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It's the one in Apex over in Brier Creek (Or at least that is the name of the area they call it, new to the area). I didn't even take a small portion of what they had and he said they always have some over there and you can just take them any time.

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Tammy Kennedy

rats. I'm in garner. But next time i'm there, i'll ask. I can never get enough really big pots.

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