lady bank's rose propagation

kerai(z8 SC)August 29, 2006

Is it possible to root cuttings of Lady Bank's rose? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Kerai

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I think it is possible. I cut some earlier this summer and put them in dirt. One seems to have taken. I did use Rootone.

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kerai(z8 SC)

Thanks for your reply.It wasn't forwarded to me by GW, so I didn't know. I also put some in dirt and with rooting hormone, for a while they seemed to be doing fine and then I lost them. My rooting hormone might not have worked. Time to get a new one :-) Did you put it in shade? Thanks again.

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Yes, it's been in shade the whole time and I keep the soil moist. I also removed all but one leaf.

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I tried to post this yesterday, but for some reason my server went out of commission. So, am posting yesterday's message now. :)
I just came on to see how my Carolina friends are fairing after Ernesto's rain on top of last week's rainfall, and saw this post about propagating Lady Bank's Roses. Hope all is well. For those of you who are fairly new to the forum and don't know me, I live in Oklahoma, but my daughter lives in Columbia, SC, and some cousins live in Maggie Valley, NC. I love the Carolinas and hope to move there someday. Part of my ancestral roots are in North Carolina and West Virginia.

I grow Lady Bank's Roses. I have the soft yellow variety. I hope to get the pink one too. It covers the south & west end of my front porch, and blooms in April-May. I just love it!

Yes, you can easily take cuttings and root them. I cut 3 ft. long canes, remove the leaves except on the tip (I leave two or three leaves), and plant the entire length in the ground in a shady, sheltered spot. I leave the growing tip end sticking out of the ground. It roots all along the stem where the leaves were and I end up with a nice mass of roots.

If I root them in a container, I set the pot in the shade, too, out of the wind until they have a good root system going. Keep moist, but make sure they are well-drained.

You should probably pot them into a gallon-sized plastic containers in about 4-6 weeks. Bury the pots in the soil up to the top of the rim, in a winter-sheltered spot - mulch. In the fall, pile more mulch up around the plant to protect the tender stem and root system. Allow them to grow until next Spring or early summer. Then, plant them out into the garden. Can also be grown in a greenhouse all winter, then hardened off and planted out. I have even just set the containers on top of the ground and piled pine bark mulch up around them and they wintered over just fine, their roots growing down into the soil by spring.

I've grown them with and without using rooting hormone.

What color(s) do you have?
~ SweetAnnie4u

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Hi, Annie,
I have the double white. Wonderful fragrance. I've never heard of a pink Lady Banks!

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kerai(z8 SC)

I also have never heard of a Pink one. Thought only there are yellow and white. I don't have any yet - got few cuttings from a friend and lost them. Thanks for the info. I'd try again.

I live in Columbia,SC too.

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I guess Lady Bank's doesn't come in a pink variety. Perhaps what I saw was mislabled, or maybe the white blooms turn pinkish when they age. My New Dawn roses change from a soft, pale pink to a deep pink as they age. That might explain why it was pink.
I would love to have a white one.

Lady Bank's are not supposed to do well in my zone - too cold in winter - but I planted mine against the front porch (concrete base) on the southwest corner. It gets winter protection and winter southern sun, plus benefits from the sun's heat absorbed by the concrete and bricks. Anyway, it has become a mass of a rose canes and is covered in delicate yellow blooms in the spring. I just love it. It makes the daintiest little rose hips, too.

Thanks guys,

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katiedidcottage(z7 TN / Chattanooga)

Just search for propagating Lady Banks Roses and found this old thread. I purchased 3 last year that were labeled "Purple" but the actual blooms appear to be more pink to me. I also purchase 3 yellow. The year before I got 6 white and thought that was all I could ever get. I used them on every other post of my 4 foot chain link fence to make a privacy screen.

I want to try to propagate the purple one so I can give some away to a friend. I'll try some of your methods.


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Will lady's bank rose do OK in shade?

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I have several yellow and was told that is the only color it comes in. I would love to swap cutting with pink. Please drop me an email and do it.

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There is a white-flowered form of the Lady Banksia rose (_Rosa banksiae alba_) that is available from high quality mail-order nurseries like ForestFarm.

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what time of the year do i propagate the lady banks,that it will do best.

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I purchased red banks roses last summer.

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