Are hurricane rains salty?

dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)August 27, 2011

I always wondered if hurricane rains carry sea salt at all.

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rain from the sky, no.
Sea surge from the ocean, and sometimes from rivers where the salt water is blown up into them, yes.
But you would have to get sea water from the ocean or mabey a river, if you lived close to the ocean, in order to get salt in your garden.
Hope you are alright and your garden isn't damaged by the storm.

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Dotie, I found this to explain better
When we talk about moisture being drawn from the ocean into the hurricane we are refering to water vapor. When salt water evaporates or becomes water vapor the salt is left behind and the water vapor is pur water. It is this form of water that then condenses and becomes raindrops within or associated with hurricanes. Near the coast there is salt spray and at sea the hurricane causes large waves which send salty water up into the sky. Some of this salt water evaporates and the tiny salt particles that are left either float back down to earth or are carried up into the clouds of the hurricane. These salt particles become condensation nuclei that help water droplets to form. These water droplets will have a higher salt content than most raindrops. However, once the hurricane moves inland all of the rain that comes from the dying hurricane comes from pure water vapor.

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

Whew..great answer butterfly4u, thank you.
We are too far from the coast for any impact but wondered if our GW regs from the East NC areas are OK.

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