Latest pictures of trees outside after a long winter:-)

meyermike_1micha(5)April 11, 2010

Some are in the pop up greenhouse by night, then outside by day..Just a few examples..

Thank you. My Oro grapefruit is loaded with fruit as are many trees with buds and fruit.. Also a have afew plumeria photos and orchids mixed in..Along with my Jade..:-)

Oro Blanco:

Lemon Meyer:

Washington Navel:

Thank goodness for the Foliage Pro, vinegar, and SUNNY warm days!


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Mike, you use a version of the 5:1:1 correct? Maybe you can give us a picture of your greenhouse? I need ideas for the fall.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Well, aren't YOU the little show-off! :-) I'm jealous. Your plants look super, Mike.

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Meyermike, did you or Andrew mention previously that you grew blood oranges in a pot too? I didn't see it in the above pictures. Wanted to confirm that we can grow a dwarf blood orange tree in a container. :-) Thanks a lot !!!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Plants looks great Mike! You did an excellent job keeping them nice and healthy over the winter. Great job!

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Andrew Scott

In one word AWESOME!!! I have mine in for now. They are calling for frosts or very close to a freeze for the next few days. My poor Moro was coming around but it was to weak and died.:( That was before I knew about Mikes Mix. I am confident that my Keylime, Improved Meyer and Oro will come thru.

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Have you been a good smerf lately?lol :-)
Yes, I use the 5.1.1.mix in some, and the gritty mix on others..It depends on my mood at transplanting
I will post a pic of the popup greenhouse tomorrow for you..It is nothing much.It is just a cheap 8x10 that has been my life saver I tell you.

Rhizo, thank you. A compliment from you is very meaningful to me and much appreciated. A product of all the help you have so generously provided for so many here...:-)

I will post a pic of my blood orange for you..I forgot about him..I actually repotted it into an almost all bark mix with a bit of perlite and peat the other day.

Pug! How are you???? I have missed you around here in these parts..How are your plants doing in them fancy Bonsai pots? How are you citrus doing? I would love to see a couple of recent pics of them after a long colder than normal winter there. Please post a couple. I would love to see them. Also please, if you could, let me know the place of the Mango you bought yours again at, since I seem to have lost the info..Thank you! You should see how well the Jade you sent me is doing!

Andrew, thank you! Now that you have learned about open and breathable, durable mixes, I am sure your trees are going to do great! If I were you, I would set my trees out in the am when the sun comes up, if above the mid 40's, and bring them in at night before the cold settles in..It gets them acclimated to the weather out there alot sooner, and they will respond much better. I have been doing this for days now. Actually for years prior. Mine love the sun, even if it is the 50's by day..

Sorry to hear about the, YOU ALMOST SCARED ME, I thought you said "Oro" you lost, but the "Moro" you lost..:-(
Don't you just love the size and the fragrance of the "Oro" blossoms?!


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Hi, Meyermike! Thanks! Your plants are so beautiful, we can't wait to see your moro too ! :-) We can't get enough of your fruit trees, LOL.

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yaslan(8 WA state)

Hi Mike,

Wow. You're my citrus Hero! LOL... but seriously your jade and citrus is a heavenly shade of green and beautiful to look at. You also do a very good job of inspiring and motivating me to get my citrus to set fruit! I'm gonna go through and re-read some of your older threads. I need my blossoms to not drop!
Your plumeria cuttings are looking mighty spectacular too! How old are they? Did you use Al's gritty mix? I also see one that's grafted, did you graft it yourself?
Thanks for sharing your pics and inspiring me!

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Very nice!

How much vinegar do you use per gallon of water?



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