Hi! Advice for my new addition please :) Jade

Catzilla27August 8, 2012

Hello everyone! I acquired this lovely Jade last night. It was an eBay find only �6.50! that's about $10. When I picked it up I saw that it was kept in a conservatory, which wasn't that light... it was packed full of other plants. I was wondering if that was why it looks like it's growing very tall?

Also, it looks to me like there is more than one plant in there. The pot and compost are struggling I think. The compost is solid and the pot has roots growing out of the bottom. Also it seems to be very damp at the bottom of the pot. I have no idea why it's like that.

So, what would you guys do? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Oh here is a pic of the pot and roots etc...

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whip1 Zone 5 NE Ohio

Nice looking plant. You have multiple plants, and they have out grown that pot. I'd separate them into their own pots using a free draining mix.

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Thats a GIANT jade plant! Good find and a good deal for 10$!

I would take them all out of that pot and wash the peat off of the roots. You can put them all back together if you like the look, and maybe give it a nice trim to give more of a bonsai look.

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It is a giant, right!
I'm kinda excited to get it re-potted and see how many plants I have in there. Could be as many as 6.
Is it just me that thinks the plant looks very long tall and thin? What would be the best way to train the plant/plants to bush out a little? Just take the top of the stems off? Think of all the cuttings!

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