Hows Mike??? need help tree had lots blooms no fruit

buylady(z5b IL)April 7, 2011

Hope Mikes OK??>>>>>>>holy cow what do i need to do?? only 1 fruit on it, what happened??? other wise i have lots of fruit comining on other trees...can't wait!!!

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Hi Buylady!! You ok too? Getting ready to put your babies outside? Yes, me too!

It is going to be 80 by Monday and then 60's. Just perfect for growing.

Next time use a paint brush, a tiny one and poke each flower. I am so proud of you and how nice your plants look. Don't forget to make sure you have no bugs, since this is the time of year they show up before you get them outside.

I am giving you a couple of pictures I took this past week and tonight of a couple of my favorite plants next to citrus! Ohhhh, the smell so good as I type to you!

Gardenia and Brunfelsia!

Many hugs to you!

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Hey! That gardenia can't be real. Is it plastic? Haven't you read the long, old post about the suicidal gardenia? :)

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Mike grows plastic orchids, but not plastic gardenias! ;-)

I swear that I can smell that incredible scent every time I look at the pictures, Mike. Delicious!

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Hi Rhizo! :-0))))..Many thought that orchid was real, except you of

Thank you for visiting since it is always great to see you. Hoping all is well..I can almost smell your osmanthus fragrans from here! I can't wait to put that tree out. I will post a pic just for you! Yum is right.

Kumquat1...You are way too Yes I saw that thread. It scared the begeebers out of me...I am glad I still tried


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buylady(z5b IL)

OMG if they smell that good Mike i guess i gotta get one...yes few more days and out they go to play on the deck...I'm kicking them out to play for the summer so to bugs that i can find fraid to say it LOL..mushrooms are coming up (morrels) yummmmmmmm yummmmmm...doing fine Mike hope you are ALL better..81 here today yeaaaaaaaa..whats w/the suicidal gardenin??

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Which Brunfelsia is it? I have a Brunfelsia jamaicensis but yours looks a little different. Mine is easy care and smells terrific, a good plant.


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Hi Buylady! 81?
I would of never guessed. Most people your age don't even know own a computer!
I am very proud of you on that one too. You even now how to post pictures. Yahoo. I am still trying to get my mother to get an e-mail and she is only in her low 60'
Thank you for your concern. I appreciate it. Do you grow mushrooms to eat? I know many that do and swear they are very good for the body!
I hope you are ok too:-)

Hi Cath!

Let me go look at the label. I will be right back.&%*&^%$*&%&*&
Just wonderful. I can't find it. I do know it is not the 'lady of the night', but the other one. They didn't have any left when I ordered it because it was late summer, so they sent me this one. I am very happy they did! The whole greenhouse smells sweeter than candy.
This I can tell you. When I leave it alone in the greenhouse, it seems to LOVE the humidity so therefore holds on to the very white flowers a lot longer.
As soon as I bring it in the house for a night of enjoyment, by the next morning, the leaves have colored to an almost yellow and don't seem very happy. They age a lot quicker in the dry environment and the scent is less intense. I just LOVE this plant though and can not wait until the warm humid summer nights since it flowers intermittently all year.

I'll bet you love yours...:-)


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buylady(z5b IL)

hey Mike you need to borrow my glasses??!!! LAFFINGGGGG holy cow i said it was 81 degrees i meant!!! an its 76 today had cool nites but nothing major putting more plants out today....have agr8 day everyone

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Buylady:lolololololROFL! I thought you meant 81 as in your age...Ok, I was tired that

I am happy you are doing ok. Please keep us updated..



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buylady(z5b IL)

hahahaha i thot you'd get a kick out of that....its been sooooo windy 40 50 mile winds so i haven't put my babies out yet but i will soon tho...glad your doin one tree that has babies on it but several get a tiny fruit and dropped off why is that??? mercy thats aggraviting

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