Unhealthy brugs

alagoat(8)October 25, 2012

I have a situation I dont understand.

for four years my Brugs did very well. I have yellow and pink. 2010 they were very healthy over six feet tall loaded with flowers everyone loved them. Along came 2011

we had over 90 straight days over 100 degrees. When came time for flowers buds would come out and fall off within two

days. Otherwise the plants looked great. When they came up this year (2012) to about three inches and froze back, then came on again. The problem is they look sickly the tallest is about four feet. The leaves look healthy though a bit small. Some are only two feet but: all are small and gnarly

They have been fertilised , watered cared for as always.

My question is should I dig them up burn, and start over or

is there any hope.

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Can you please upload a picture so we can have a look?

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Can you post some pictures, and show the growing tip/area.
Are the leaves in the growing tip/area misshapen, or thick/leathery almost brittle?

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Trying to find out how to upload the picture with txt....

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