Ponderosa Lemon, rain and sun!

greenman28 NorCal 7b/8aApril 2, 2012

Hey, Mike, I thought you'd enjoy a little Ponderosa update! ;-)

I was lucky enough to be able to leave this tree outside during some of the recent rainstorms

(when the temps stayed above 50ðF). The rainwashing was nice, especially after dealing with Spider Mites

and repeated applications of Neem throughout the Winter.

Here are a few shots. Notice that I removed the Jade plants....

I re-potted the Jades and gave them to my brother down in Sacramento (he froze his this Winter).


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

That's great josh! This one is a cutting right? I want to get a typical lemon to add to my meyers


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Thanks, Mike!
You're right, this one is a cutting. I'm really working on developing branches...
then I may let it develop some fruit. After this growth flush, I might consider potting-up.


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Wow Josh! Does that plant look great! I am so excited about this one.

I remember when it was just a little thing and almost leafless. I remember all that it went through and it now looks beautiful. I love the green color too. It looks so content at your finger tips buddy. It's no wonder you are called 'greenman':-)

Thank you for sharing this update with me and others. I was about to head out to city hall, but had to comment on your picture first:-)

Watch that thing blossom all over the place over and over again! Please post us more pics when it flowers, please? I can't wait to see the shape you develop on this one.

Hello Mike:-)

Have a great day all. I have lots to do today. The sun is finally out all day and the 60 degree mark might be reached today.
My potted figs are frozen as we speak and I hope it did't hurt them. i forget to bring them in:0(
Josh, I did bring the maple in, but the poor leaves look so horrible beacuse of the cold the other day.:-()(


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Very impressive!

I am quite adept at getting roses to root and have gotten lots of cuttings that are now growing "own root". Would I use the same sort of method for a citrus?

Briefly, if I have a rose cutting, I barely scrape the the to the cambium and dip in rooting hormone. Remove all but a few large leaves (usually 3) and cut back the growing tip. Then I plant fairly deep in sterile loose potting mix and cover with a clear glass jar or bottle to keep the humidity raised. Keep in 60% shade until new leaves and branches are present.

If this method would work for citrus, I would be very enthusiastic about giving it a try.

Thanks for sharing all your great info


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, Mike!
Just rolled in, about midnight, and I didn't get to your e-mails. I will tomorrow.
Wanted to say thanks, though, for the compliments :-D I'm very happy with how this tree
is turning out. By the way, it's raining again here...I had the Ponderosa out for several hours.
I'll update with blooms pics, for sure!

Thank you, Alexa! You are in luck because Meyer Mike has experience rooting citrus of several types.
This cutting was already rooted when I received it, and I've simply tended it while it recovered
from the re-potting, plus several mishaps last Winter and Summer (my cold-frame blew over and nearly
ripped it out of the pot, then a series of slugs/pests ate the new growth each time the tree would
bud or try to grow). Anyhow, it's back on track now, and blooming for the second time.

As soon as Mike sees this, I'm sure he'll share tips on the proper timing of citrus cuttings.


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andrewofthelemon(7b Central Arkansas)

I have tried to grow a cutting of a tree with no success, eager for advice too.

Wow josh, that looks great! Mine like the rain too, but I always take my jade in for the rain.
I think I remember when it was a little cutting, too. Didn't you post pics of it? You do great things.


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Thanks, Andrew!

I'll link to the Thread on the Ponderosa lemon progress: Ponderosa Lemon progression (pics)

I had several Jades out in the rain, too. My Mother Jade, my stump Jade, and my 'Hummel's Sunset.'
Once the leaves were washed and the mix fully saturated, I brought the plants back indoors.


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andrewofthelemon(7b Central Arkansas)

Oh yes, I remember that tree...Hmm...when I put my citrus in bigger pots in years to follow, I think I will grow jade in them too, great idea. Right now, I have wandering jew in my biggest one, and my aloes.

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