Need a clematis Hardy for PNW,

sydneye(7b)May 22, 2012

Hi there, I am on the search for another clematis. We currently have one #2, but would like another with perhaps a different flower style. We are going to be removing a far overgrown rhody from in front of our house, and I like the idea of having another clematis to vine up the house and flower, without being so overbearing like the rhododendron. The current clematis is lovely, has huge dark purple blooms, though, there are not a ton of buds. I'm wanting a variety that might just be covered with blooms. I do realize this will take some time, but, at this point I'm a little lost as to what might work best. I don't want something that is going to only bloom at the ends of the vines, so, if anyone has any advice, I'd love to hear it. any color would be nice, bi-colors, double blooms, whatever. Our front yard is predominantly helebores (against the house), fox glove, hollyhocks, echinacea, poppies, lupine, that kind of thing, and colors range through the spectrum. I would like to avoid too light a pink as that was the color of the rhody, and I'm not sure it does much for the look of the garden, I'm thinking something with striking color could be nice...

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Pretty much any clematis you can lay your hands on will be hardy in the PNW for your zone - we are not exactly limited in that regard :-)

For vining clematis, flowering only does occur at the end of the vines. That's just the nature of the plant. If you select a type 3 or hard prune variety, you can develop more of a fullness to the plant by virtue of pruning. But I find that if I keep any clematis to a shorter support system than it will fill and allow it to drape over itself, you can get the effect of a fuller flowering plant. There are some lovely, jewel toned varieties in the type 3's - Madame Julia Correvon, Rouge Cardinal, Etoile Violette, Royal Velours, Gravetye Beauty.

One of the later blooming (hard prune) species type varieties I really like is Triternata Rubromarginata, which produces hundreds of bicolored magenta/white sweet smelling but smallish flowers. Not the easiest of clems to locate but worth the hunt or do mail order.

I had a hard time determining from your description and plant list how much sun this area receives but most of these suggestions would prefer as much sun as possible.

Here is a link that might be useful: triternata rubromarginata

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I guess I should just say, we are striving for a cottage look. Your response is quite helpful though! I will be watching the area tomorrow or on the next sunny day to see how long the area gets sun, but it is on the eastern face of our house, and will get unblocked direct morning to early afternoon light, until the sun is directly over the house and shaded in the afternoon. I am betting about 6 hours of full sun. We have our other clematis on the same side of the house, though in a pot, and it has seemed to appreciate the afternoon shade. Thank you for the variety recommendations!!

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Two others that I love are Ville de Lyon and Venosa Violacea.

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