Growing Citrus in Las Vegas

dsslvApril 24, 2006

I recently purchased my first home in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am seriously considering growing some fruit trees in my Back Yard, but I did not want to make any purchases until I was sure that the following fruits & citrus would grow in Las Vegas. Are any of the above enumerated plants susceptible to dying in the winter months due to frost? Additionally, I was wondering if there is a difference in the quality of fruit between a regular size plant and a dwarf plant? Where is the best place to purchase these plants? Should I consider purchasing the plants online? Lastly, are there any growing tips specific to the desert growing environment for those specific plants? Any help is greatly appreciated.

The types of fruit I would like to plant are:

Clementine (Algerian)

Meyers Lemon

and some sort of really good peach tree.

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I am answering your question about a good place to purchase citrus.

Home Depot & Lowes carry a limited selection of Durling's Dwarf trees and Laverne Dwarf Trees.

Online the best resource is Four Winds Growers. Great trees. Expensive shipping but worth it.

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If you can buy plants in Fl, I'd go w/ or They both have excellent prices.

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My cousin lives in Henderson and has the most ENORMOUS meyer lemon tree I've ever seen. She does nothing to it except keep it watered regularly on the same drip cycle all the other plants are on. I think it is a dwarf, but it's grown so much that it is about 8 ft tall--maybe even more. Produces huge fruit that are the best lemons I've ever tasted! It's in a spot sort of next to her patio so that it gets part sun. Seems to work well! She also has peach trees but has had some problems with bugs.

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Ive had my lemon tree in my back yard for 5 years now, It does well here, Its about 25' tall and this year I have about 200 lemons it produced for me, The only thing is where my tree is the wind does not hit it to bad. I found that when the flowers are on it and a strong wind vomes it blows the flower off, there goes my fruit. I am looking for advise about trimming the tree this year it has grown unbeliveable this year and must be cut back. The only thing I do with it is water it like any other plant and I put in the vitiam spikes in the grown at winter time it seems to love the spikes for citrus trees. good luck with your lemon tree

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I reckon I'm one of the lucky ones. I've lived in the same house in east Las Vegas, Nevada, more than 10 years. When I first moved here I tried to grow fruit trees in my yard---Meyer lemon, pears, peaches, etc. I did every thing 'according to the book', and almost everything died. I've come to the conclusion that the previous owner of this house put a hefty dose of herbicide in the back yard; only oleander bushes and one mission fig do well for me. My soil isn't good either. I have mostly rocks and limestone. I envy the residents in my neighborhood who have healthy, producing fruit trees.

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I have 8 full size citrus trees: Eureka lemon, naval orange, large limes and pink grapefruit. I fertilize and use iron regularly where needed, Great success. Lots of fruit. Anyone know how avocado grows here? The freeze got me last season but only down to where the xmas tree lights were; to keep them warm. Worked. I like the back yard is lit up. Feels safer to see the yard at night. I bought my trees at Moon as I wanted them large to begin with. They sold me a "runt" so going back to see if they will exchange it. All 6 feet or more now and the runt hasn't gown an inch and is about 3.5 feet.

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