need advice photo sad plant

anita55(zone 6 NY)August 30, 2012

Hi All, I've had this plant in my house for about 20 years. It grows tall, becomes contorted, and never has a flower. It is in a southwest facing room but not bright sunlight. Can you tell me what it is, and how to pot it up so that it will be happy? My son brought this home from school when he was in third grade and I hate to discard it for sentimental reasons. I've tried shallow pots, and deeper pots. It's in cactus soil, and gets watered infrequently. I appreciate an ID and advice. Thanks!

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I don't know what it is,could be a sedum,rhipsalis or any number of plants,hard to tell.If i were you i'd put it outside,as it looks like it has been reaching for the light.Me personally i would cut that long piece into several pieces and try planting them,and still i'd move it outside where it get more light but not in direct sun.

I'm sure others will be along with some suggestions as well.

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Not a Rhipsalis, but maybe a very, very etiolated Kalanchoe deprived of light. Maybe something like K. barbertonicus. Will never bloom in the winter without sufficient light.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

I have no idea what it is. maybe a senecio, I think that there is a strange beauty to its unhappy condition. There is a guy on the forum called Caudex that could enshrine by staging it beautifully in one of his pots and then one could give it its own shelf on that wall and it would become art. It took 20 years to make that critter! and it is still growing for the light. Nothing but persistent,

I think that C & S shows should have a competition for the most artfully etiolated plant. It could be a form of plant art like bonzai. I am sorry that I am no help. I do find your plant amazing. We have been seeing on our forms lately, a bunch of etiolated (stretched out because of lack of light). Yours is the most extreme so far.

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