Owari Satsuma potted

SoulfireApril 5, 2014

Hello Everyone!

It has been a long time since my last post (probably last visited in June) and I'm glad to see some familiar faces.

Well I bought a 3-year old Owari Satsuma from Four Winds back in April of 2013. It was perfectly fine throughout the summer and I put it downstairs in my basement around November to overwinter. I use a 600 Watt turned down to 475 growlight and the tree has done well all winter. A few weeks ago, some of the leaves fell off and I noticed gnats flying around. I took it outside and sprayed it with an oil spray. The gnats aren't completely gone, but there are far fewer than before. Well, I went downstairs today and noticed that the leaves were discolored, speckled kind of. I was curious if anyone had any thoughts as to what this could be.

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Hmm well you didn't say if you where feeding it.
Citrus need lots of food, they are "greedy", so use a higher nitrogen fertilizer. I have an Owari and I feed it Foliage pro. With a npk ratio of 9-3-6

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Haven't fed it in a few weeks due to the soil being very moist. When I do, I give it foliage pro myself. I can give it a small shot this weekend, but I don't want to drown the roots, so I haven't watered it recently.

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Perhaps drainage is an issue? Use a consistent mix with no larger objects like rocks.

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I would not fertilize it until you are sure the tree leaves are ok.

It looks like discoloration due to your spray...Heat damage too...
Is there any way you can finally acclimate it to the sun and outdoors?
Wait for new growth start to appear, then fertilize.

The gnats are a red flag for me usually telling me that the mix stays wet much too long or had too much organic matter in it...


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tcamp30144(7B N.ATLANTA)

Also at this point the plant is very weak please keep an eye out for spider mites and or scale they could kill your plant if let go un noticed. Mike is right about the gnats and wet soil you can wicked your pot to dry soil out faster.Before the tree got sick did you get severe leaf curl. Leaf curl is a sign of soggy roots and a warning the tree is trying to say no more please. So try to dry it out and balance.


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