Anyone in Austin, TX know how to micrograft? I have a finger lime

drasaid(zone 8)April 23, 2011

Yes, an Australian Finger Lime. Also, some grapefruit seedlings. I'd like to micrograft one onto the other. As I have five grapefruit seedlings that means five finger lime plants (if they take . . ..) so anyone who can do micrografting In AUSTIN gets three (Or, if you have some citrus seedlings of your own, more.) The reason for the micrografting is that the little Finger Lime is fairly small as i grew it from a seed. I had a bigger one but (despite wrapping and moving the pot) it froze.

so if any one is passing through Austin, or lives here, and wants a Finger Lime and can micrograft let me know. I'm going for grapefruit seedlings because, who knows, I might get a big old fingerlime out of the deal.

thanks folks.

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