Day Dreams

karyn1(7a)October 28, 2010

Day Dreams is blooming well but the color is light.

Amber Rose is blooming for the first time and is beginning to show a hint of color. I have no idea what it's really supposed to look like and I guess I won't be finding out this season. lol

A few other brugs & Dats. It looks like the variegated NOID tried to throw a double.

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Nice to see Daydreams in bloom. Mine keeps droppping her buds, she better hurry up I would like to see them before frost!
Thanks for sharing Karyn!

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all I can say is WOW, just look at your Beautiful Blooms
I am so glad you finally have Blooms, they sure are worth the wait, I hope you don't have the Frost, that we're suppose too have tonight

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figara(Ca 9)

Day Dreams is so beautiful. I had a cutting but I lost it :-(
What are the names of purple datura?
Enjoy your blooms Karyn, they look great.


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DD usually blooms well most of the season but this year it didn't do much. The blooms are more "tubular" then normal as well but at least it finally did something. The purple dats are from Jack's "Box of Chocolates" seeds.

Temps are about 40 degrees colder this morning then yesterday morning. It's pretty damn chilly but no frost. I did turn on the heat though. It was too cold to get out of bed! I'll check the plants once the sun comes up. I'm sure the brugs are fine but there's some that I wasn't able to move into the GH like my Theobroma cacao. That will have to go to the farm unless I top it which I don't want to do.

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Beautiful blooms Karyn!
I was surprised this year DD did better for me then alot
of the other brugs, when I went to dig her up I was going
to cut the top abit, she got really tall, I looked and
she has a seed pod! so needless to say she did`nt get cut
back, she`s sitting in the spare room side ways waiting for
that seed pod to ripen.

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chena(z8 Texas)

DD is looking good there! What is the stuffed Variegated one..

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What beauties Karyn! DD is spectacular as are the rest of your brugs and dats.

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It's that variegated NOID. It looks like it tried to throw a double. It's in ground so I didn't bother trying to pollinate it. There wouldn't be any time for a pod to develop even if it was successfully fertilized. There's loads more buds but I chopped them off this am. It would be cool to get a variegeted with double blooms. Maybe it will do something next year?

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threas(z7 PA)

Beautiful, Karyn! My DD has one pitiful bloom. Oh well,there's always next year. We've had frost the past two nights. Still have to get all my brugs in.:(


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