Techny Arborvitae turning yellow

milton88September 16, 2010

Hi, new here to the forums but I need some help. July 15th I planted five 7ft Techny Arborvitaes. They seemed to be doing fine for awhile. Since then I started to notice a couple of brown branches but I figured this was just transplant shock. The browning has become more apparent and now I notice alot of yellow branches. Where it appear varies, some trees have more toward the bottom and others have it near the top. I am hoping this is only shock and these trees will come out fine, but I am not sure and that is why I came here. I live in southern Maine. I have read stories of root rot, fertilizer burn and another person had the same thing happen and the next year everything was fine. So I am looking for some opinions. It was very hot this year and I dont know if I watered them too much or too little, the nursery did not really give me a clear answer on how much to water. Any questions i can answer and hopefully I can attach these pictures for you to see. Thanks for the help, Steve

I did try to post a picture but I cant figure it out and have searched the site for instructions but cant figure out how to post multi pics, if anyone can help me I can email them to you. Thanks alot.

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Steve, did you get an answer? If not, you might try posting on the Discussions page, more likely to get a response there. I can help post a photo if needed. Good luck!

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