NAGAMI Kumquat - tons of flowers, no fruit :( Please help...

scuzzynuttyApril 19, 2011

Hi there,

I have a kumquat tree that is in about a 15-20 gallon pot. I got it last year. It had tons of blossoms, but only produced about 15 fruit, and they are very small. What am I doing wrong? My friend has a way smaller kumquat tree in a 5 gallon pot and she had about 50-75 large fruit on it. Please advise. Thanks.

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Nagami Kumquat's fruit are naturally small, about the size of the end knuckle on a thumb. For all citrus trees, including Nagami Kumquats, only 1- 2 percent of the flowers will develop into fruit. Never let a container kumquat tree become root bound nor dry. Kumquats are heavy feeders, needing to be fertilized a minimum of once a month, several fertilizer applications normally provide excellent results.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. I'm familiar with the size and shape of Kumquats, I was just saying mine are smaller than normal.

Anyone have any particular fertilizer they recommend? Are those All-Purpose Plantfood good enough (24-8-16) or something like that)?

Wondering if I should repot it using different soil. I think I used the wrong soil when i repotted it into the pot it's in. I garden soil (not potting soil with perilite) and cactus mix.

Any other advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi scuzzy
Just wondering how is your kumquat tree doing? Any success with big harvest? If not try repotting into bigger pot and then apply miracle-gro for plant and citrus spike in the spring and fall. Say prayer and hope for the best. I have some kind of kumquat tree as a gift and it has been fruiting twice a year. I made so many jars of jelly, made cookies and stirred in hot green tea. I still have a bucket in my big freezer to make jelly. Here is a picture to share with you. Hope yours will get some fruits soon.

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