Mislabeled jade?

Isis30(8b TX)August 10, 2014

I picked up this little jade at Home Depot today. But now that I'm looking into it a bit more, if it was really a HS, wouldn't it say crassula ovata instead of argentea? I already have a few run of the mill jades and was excited to have something a little different. It's not the end of the world if it's not HS, just a little disappointing. I should have researched first!

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Ovata and Argentea are a lot of times used interchangeably when it cones to the crassula family. It looks like a Hummel's, but sometimes it's tough in low light, such as at stores, because the colors don't stand out. But, the red edges and slight cream color tell me it's a Hummel's.


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Isis30(8b TX)

Thanks Joe! I'll get it into some proper soil and cross my fingers :)

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

It looks like it could very well be 'Hummel's Sunset', as Joe said. You might have to wait for a season change (warmer/cooler weather) to get a more noticeable color change. Also, as mentioned, argentea is the old species name used. It has been ovata for quite some time, but they still use it.

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