Can I graft/bud other citrus varieties onto an IML tree?

garret_87(Zone 6)April 7, 2014

I want to experiment with grafting or budding a different variety of citrus onto my 7 year old Meyer lemon. The IML originated from Four Winds Nursery and I think it is grafted onto flying dragon rootstock. I wouldn't be attempting this for any particular reason other than my own curiosity as I don't need to save space.

Is it possible to bud other types of citrus onto an IML host tree?
If so, which varieties would work best, and what methods are most successful?
Which varieties wouldn't work?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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The simple answer is yes; but the IML is probably not your best candidate for that; because, as a tree it is relatively weak compared to the rootstock (Cuban Shaddock, if it is Four Winds), and to other citrus varieties. The net effect of what you are proposing will be a Cuban Shaddock rootstock, a Meyer lemon "internode" and the final variety. It could be an interesting experiment; but I have serious doubts about the success or the wisdom of doing it. If your rootstock, below the bud union, is sufficiently tall, you might try budding or grafting directly to the rootstock.

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