Ditching Snow Queen--need recommendations for replacement

veryzerMay 26, 2010

I'm don't want to deal with wilt anymore so I'm getting rid of my Snow Queen. I'd like two contrasting clematis to place on a trellis 8'x32". Would they be too crowded? If not, can I have recommendations for a pair that would fill the trellis, bloom together and be resistant to wilt?

If two clematis are too ambitious I'd still like recommendations for a floriferous, full, disease resistant variety that won't take forever to get going. What are your best performers?


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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

What color?

Type IIIs are resistant to wilt and faster to get going than Type IIs. Some could go as two to that trellis but some are monsters.

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I'm flexible on color. Having looked at a lot of type IIIs it would seem purple and lavender would be a readily available and handsome combination. That said, I'm certainly open to more adventurous schemes so long as the cultivars are reliable.

If it came down to two rather skimpy clematis that show more trellis than foliage, or a single monster that lushly fills the trellis, I'd go with the monster, but like I said, ideally I'd have two that combine to fill the trellis well.


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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Etoile Violette and Prince Charles are purple and lavender and neither are monsters though they may seem so compared to Snow Queen. Rouge Cardinal is redder than Etoile Violette but also not a monster. Huldine, Venosa Violacea and Betty Corning are monsters. I believe Polish Spirit is too but mine isn't big enough to know.

Prince Charles is closest to the camera. First summer. Planted from gallons not tiny pots. Trellis is 9' tall in middle, 7' tall on end. Each section 36" wide.

Two years later. Camera had a smear on it, the color isn't washed out.

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Thanks for the pics. Is the one on the far left Rouge Cardinal?

Based on your pic of a mature Prince Charles, am I correct in thinking it would be impossible to get another plant on that trellis?

Since mine is only marginally taller and slimmer should I plan for one?

BTW, those are pretty sharp hand made trellises.

Thanks again.

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I would plant two but that's me, I pack them in. Like to see them co-mingle.

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Yeah, I think I'd like to see etoile violet and prince charles commingle.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Yes, in the second picture it is Rouge Cardinal, Venosa Violcea and Prince Charles.

I have Etoile Violette on the farther trellis with Betty Corning and now Tie Dye.

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If Snow Queen is white I recommend Arctic Queen, mine is
doing really well, and it is listed as not subject to Wilt.
Mine is only a Month old and has already grown up half my
Arbor, and is covered with bloms, and has many buds forming.
I will probably have to get more of these. Any of the
Vitacella (Italian species) are not subject to Wilt. I have
Galore and Avante Guard, and have never had Wilt.

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Buyorsell, do you have a picture of your Etoille Violette? I just got one and would like to see yours. The trellises are beautiful. Maybe my husband will build me some like that one day. Do the clems climb up the slats or do you have something narrower, like wire or netting for them to twine around?

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

They do not climb the lattice by themselves very well. I would use wire livestock fence if doing it again.

Etoile Violette

with Betty Corning

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I decided to go with etoile violette on its own. I wanted something relatively bulletproof and don't want to see it strangled by competition from another clematis.

Thanks all.

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You go and buy Etoile Violette but give Snow Queen another chance. She is wonderfull clematis. Never had problems with her

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