Epiphyllum strictum/ Christ in a Manger/ Night Blooming Cereus

rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)September 29, 2007

This is it's 4th blooming and it still has several buds on it. Was beginning to wonder if it would ever bloom, but it has really showed itself this year!

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Tammy Kennedy

epi. oxydendrum is what my neighbor has, i'm pretty sure, and his blooms look a good bit different. i beleive that's what i have, too. and yours is open in daylight! his always opens at like 10, & closes by morning's light. interesting....

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

There's an E. oxypetalatum which is a night bloomer and very fragrant. My strictum opens about 10 at night and then closes between noon and two the next afternoon. Might help that it's on a north facing porch too.

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Tammy Kennedy

oh, yeah- you're probably right about that, root. i get my latin names goofed up alot. i remember the first syllable or 2 and the rest sort of fills in- and not always so accurately. i think hanging around john isn't helping- LOL!!

10-12 or 2. that explains daylight pix. very pretty, btw! tam

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I recently purchased the oxypetalum from Avant Gardens. A customer came in looking for one after a write-up in one of the Raleigh newspapers. I am WAY to open to suggestion. Well of course, after reading the article I knew I NEEDED one. They are pretty fast growing aren't they, and a true pass-along plant since just a segment makes a nice plant in no time. I like the fact that they seem to be in that easy care, loves neglect catagory of plant.

I have a very nice plant similar to this that I begged from a restaurant in Southern Pines. Two of my sisters were visting at the same time and they both thought I was nuts when I went crazy for the plant in the window when we stopped there for lunch. They both knew that by hook or by crook I would leave with a cutting though. It blooms a bright pink in early spring. I don't know if it's an epi or not but it started with a small segment and is now a lovely looking cactus-like plant. Adele

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Wow that is gorgeous. Is it fragrant?

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dogridge(7b nc)

Cool! What growing conditions does it require? Do you bring it in the house in winter, or does it need a green house?

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

I've read that it can take a very short freeze, but I wouldn't push that. In the winter I bring mine in and hang the larger ones in a bathroom window for a couple months and then I put it under the house (crawlspace) with a shop light. Very little water in the winter. I think most of the species epis are fragrant but a lot of the hybrids are not. This one is not fragrant to me but it's so beautiful it can be forgiven, lol. I'm still waiting on oxypetalatum to bloom and a bunch of hybrids and species which should be getting old enough to bloom.

I did bring a few of those to both of the swaps we just had. I don't know who got them, but they like a well draining but moist soil and like to be root bound before they'll bloom. You normally stop feeding any nitrogen in the fall and start feeding it a bloom booster (none or very minimal nitrogen)about Feb. It won't develop buds if it's being pushed to grow.

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I have a plant similar to this, which belonged to my Mother. She was 90 when she passed away. This plant has been in my possession about 8 - l0 years. It bloomed about eight years ago and then two years ago, and surprised me two nights ago. I could have missed the other bloomings, if they happened. Mine bloomed about l0:30 - ll:00. I keep it inside in the winter and outside in summer. Mine is gangly but what a joy when it blooms. It is so fragrant. For the first time, I cut the leaf with the bloom and brought it inside for a better picture. Will share the picture if someone can tell me how to get it posted.

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

dmilton I upload my pics onto photobucket.com and then copy/paste the html code underneath the picture I want to post onto here. Hope that helps.

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My mother and a neighbor lady had on of these Christ in the manger cactus. I thought of it because of Christmas.
Are they available for sale.
What is the cost etc.?

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I know of two mail-order greenhouses from which you can order night-blooming cereus cacti: Logee's and Glasshouse Works. Both have excellent, secure Websites.

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Tammy Kennedy

if you can find someone who has it, it's an easy easy plant to share! Just break off a piece, let it dry a day or 2 and stick it in soil.

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