Why does my Meyer lemon have thick skin?

maydlApril 8, 2008

I apologize in advance if this question has been answered, but there are more than 500 responses to a Citrus Forum search on Meyer lemons, and I just don't have the time or the heart to read each one.

So, why do the fruits on my dwarf Meyer lemon tree look more like Eurekas than Meyers? I bought two lemons at Whole Foods a couple of days ago, both labeled Meyer. One was large and yellow with pointed ends and a pebbly skin, and the other was small, round, yellow orange, and smooth-skinned.

Please advise, and thanks.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

I think the rounder one is the Meyer.

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Thanks, Dave, I'm just wondering why my own lemons look more like Eurekas and not like the smooth-skinned Meyer from the store. Does it have anything to do with watering? fertilizing? location?

I should have added that when we bought the tree, the lemons on it at purchase time were smooth-skinned. Now they're not.

The store-bought lemons looked so different, yet both were labeled Meyer lemons. Is it possible for Meyers to vary so widely in appearance?

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Dave you think the rounder fruit was Meyers? lol..I think the pointed end was Meyers..LOL..Maybe there are different varieties..Toni

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I was also surprised recently by the different appearance of fruits called Meyer. Many citrus vary considerably according to exact growing conditions and climate, but it seems Meyer lemons are particularly variable.
The ultimate citrus reference book, The Citrus Industry Volume 1, says:
"Fruit medium in size, oblong to short elliptical, sometimes faintly ribbed; base rounded, sometimes faintly necked and radially furrowed; apex rounded or with low, broad nipple. The fruit is remarkably affected by climatic factors and differs greatly in appearance in different regions."

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

My home-grown Meyers were rounder in shape, but had a small nipple at the end, and had smooth, thin skin. But look at the difference in the appearances of similar varieties grown in Florida vs California. They look like entirely different fruits.

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Thanks, everyone for your responses. It looks like the answer to my question is that our little tree probably started life in some nice warm climate perfect for citrus growing, and now it is struggling to live on California's cool and foggy Central Coast. Oh well, it IS producing nicely, and its lemons will still taste like lemons. Thanks again!

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Maydl, buying fruit at the market, makes one wonder if whomever labels them knows what they're doing. lol
I checked Improved Meyer's in a citrus book. It says: Meyer isn't a true lemon like Eureka and Lisbon, it's a hybrid between lemon and mandarin or an orange. The fruit has 'thin' skin with a bright yellow rind that darkens to orange-yellow as the fruit ripens on the tree, but still acidic. Flavor is unique-lemony with flora overtones in both the juice and rind.
Meyer trees sold in Ca are often sold with a tag from the CA Dept of Food and agriculture.
Fruit: Medium size w/very thin, yellow to yellow-orange rind..Dark, yellow very juicy interior.Acidic, flowery taste, many seeds, holds well on tree, difficult to peel.
Tree is small, compact, with few thorns.
Fruit grown in Fl generally has a thinner, smoother rind..It's juicer, bigger, more elongated and harder to peel than the same variety grown in CA.
When did you buy your Meyers? Citrus from Fl aren't allowed to be shipped outside of their state. (The ban is still on) So, it's possible your Meyer's was grown in Ca. Whatever, enjoy the fruit, Toni

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I have a persian lime tree 8 yrs. old that bears nicely. Problem is, the fruit has a thick white inside skin and very little flesh. What's the problem?

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"Why does my Meyer lemon have thick skin"?

Too protect itself from the insults of the trees about him...lol

I had too..


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