7 year old Ramona in trouble ~ help!

ditasMay 21, 2011

Hi ~ Since planting in 2004 she has never failed even as a baby ~ she woke up on time per my journal just on 1 side & proceeded to show up some bloom buds. Still just on 1 side ~ then just all of a sudden some leaves turned yellow but never proceeded to brown & dry ~ just some young tips with buds got limp. Those that turned yellow weeks ago are still yellow. Some buds have opened but because of all the rain these past 3 days the blossoms were a bit sad looking.

Ramona is planted at the foot of a *No Parking* post on the curb & for years was a show stopper & often photographed by strangers passing through.

At the end of Apr I got some hardwood mulch to replenish my many beds & the circle where she was got covered heavily ~ a few days later the yellowing happened. Is it possible the mulch sustained a wet feet situation?

Your thoughts please? TIA!

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

More possible someone or something broke a stem(s)

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I traced back through all the tangled mess & couldn't find breakage ~ the entire 1 side dried but are pliable tho a few are breakably dry.

Could a dog's sprinkling do it?

The live side still holds the yellowed some (foliage) & the buds have flashed open ... very peculiar for one dependably, reliable beauty for 7 years!

I'll check once more & perhaps time to clean up all the dried twines!

Thank you for your thoughts!

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Julia NY(6)

I'm having an issue with one of mine also with yellowing. I haven't mulched that area yet so I know it isn't a mulch issue. We don't have a dog so that can't be an issue.


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Hi again ~ I finally got Ramona cleaned out a bit (with much care) she is truly beautiful now that the dried sticks n' twines are out of the way & her blossoms do not get so contorted trying to flash open.

However the yellowed few foliage are hanging on & not browing & some are mottled ~ is this a symptom of something remediable?

My ? a bout dog peedles is because she is planted at the foot of *No Parking* post ~ people walking dogs made me wonder ~ I have a set of folding wire fencing around the base to discourage them.

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Just a quick update ~ Ramona seems to have felt better by the clean-up, loosening of mulch & trimming of dead sticks & twines I deed. The buds are flashing freely. The mottled yellow leaves hanging on but not increasing ~ fingers X'd!

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