Same disease/pests affecting Meyers lemon and bay trees?

ssmdgardener(7)April 22, 2012

Last week, I picked up a healthy, mature bay tree in a container from another gardener. I have no idea what kind of soil it's in, but it was extremely full and healthy. It's kept in the front of the house.

Yesterday, I noticed that some of the by leaves had yellow spots (more like a yellowish discoloration in the middle of the leaf), and some of the leaves were black. It was almost as if the leaves had first turned yellow and then black. I pruned out all the diseased parts.

Today, I saw that the dwarf Meyer lemon I purchased about a month ago, situated on the other side of the house, is having similar issues. About 5 of the leaves have the exact same yellowish discoloration. I pulled them out. I saw no black leaves.

What could be causing this? I couldn't take a picture due to rain, and all the diseased leaves have been thrown away.

I carefully studied the Meyer lemon, which is in Al's gritty mix, and all I could see was a spider.

I'm assuming both problems were caused by the same source, since the yellowish discoloration was exactly the same on both plants. Thanks for your help!

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When you hear hoof beats, you naturally think horses; but it could be zebras!

The two might not be connected at all; the yellow coloration of your Meyer is more likely the result of a change in light conditions. If you can post pictures, we could give you much better answers.

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I wish I'd taken pictures! I was so freaked out by the possibility of contagion that I threw the diseased leaves away.

Previously, some of the lemon tree leaves had yellowed due to changing light conditions, and that looked totally different. When it was light-related, the entire leaf turned sort of a pale shade of green/yellow.

This discoloration was more like... more light brown then yellow. And instead of the entire leaf turning a pale color, it was more like a part of the leaf had turned a strange "dead-looking" shade of light brown.

I'm hoping it doesn't return, but just in case it does, I'll take a picture and post it.

Any ideas on what that brown/black spots on the bay leaf could be?

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My expertise is pretty much limited to Meyer lemons. Try asking your question on the "Trees" forum; they will also ask you to post pix; but someone in your area might have the same issue and have the answer without photos. Is your tree a Lauris Nobilis? Also, it is always valuable to know where you are located.

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Do these leaves look anything like yours? My tree was loaded with blossoms and now is loaded with developing lemons, but I have a few of these leaves. Should I be worried? What should I do?

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Jean, you may want to make your own post so it gets more exposure.

The lemon recovered, but about half of the bay leaves continued to brown. I still don't know what happened to it.

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