Storing Myer's Lemons

Randy31513(Georgia 8b)April 12, 2012

I picked the last of my Myers the last week in December. I still have some in the refrigerator. On my tree, I have lemons that are thin skinned and some are thick skinned. As a casual observation, I have noticed the thicker skinned meyer lemons last much longer than the thin skinned lemons.

Anybody else notice that?

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At the risk of giving away trade secrets... it is basic physiology. The fruits with the thicker skins are younger; they color when the temperature changes. Those with the thinner skins are older fruits and will last a shorter time after harvest. The interesting thing, if you try it, is the fruits with the thin skins are the best to eat and can be peeled like an orange... and the skin is not bitter (perfect for pickled or candied lemon), Congratulations on such long shelf life...90 days!!?? What temperature are you storing them in?

If they get too overripe, you can always peel them, save the skin for zest, and juice the fruit for freezing.

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Randy31513(Georgia 8b)

Thank you for that interesting reply on the thickness of the skin. That is good to know. Next year I will know which ones to store and which ones to zest and juice.

I never tried one eating fresh but I will this coming year.

I store them in a regular refrigerator set at 38F but of course there have been those that did not make it.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

come on John you can share your secrets here, LOL.

Randy Thats great you have had them to enjoy this long. I have been lucky to get 2-3 a year so they go pretty fast. My youngest tree is reliable but only for about that many. My older larger tree just cant seem to get it going for the last couple years. I did re pot last year and then again this, its a long story, but hopefully now I wont have to for awhile and it might start to get happy.


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The optimum temp for storage of Meyers is 46 deg. F.
Colder than that they tend to dry a bit and have less juice.
We are working on 40 days for commercial shipment by sea to Europe; I think after my recent study trip to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas and the Oxnard/Santa Paula area of California we will be able to achieve that and more; but 90 days seems unreal... I have never had that kind of shelf life in the 25 or more years I have been growing Meyers. Want to come to Guatemala and give me some advice? The "conventional wisdom" is Meyers don't last more than a week or 10 days after harvest; and I have found that to be true if you leave the fruit on the tree until late January or early February... but you can leave them longer on the tree, if you are going to eat them when you pick them... they are truly marvelous later; the downside is, it will reduce the next year crop if you leave them past the end of December.

So, how is that for sharing trade secrets?


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