why are my meyer lemon leaves drooping and falling off?

pansyloverandgrower(Zone 8)April 27, 2011

i have small meyer lemon, about 1 foot and a half tall. i got it at a garden show. right now it is in kindof a harder soil with bark on top. it bloomed and seemed happy for about a month, then the leaves started to drooped and get yellowish and now they are falling off! the blooms have faded, no fruit. i water it about every 3-4 weeks. it is on my windowsil 24/7 and it wonder it it is too cold? i read soewhere to use a heat mat? i have one. what about fertilizer? i have never fed it before, i didnt realize it needed some.

-what soil should it have?

-what fertilizer should i use

-should i use a heat mat? nowhere in my house gets much light besides my windowsil(should i use a grow light?)

-why would it be drooping?

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shows you are zone 8. can you place the tree outside in full sun? if not, a south window.

3-4 weeks in between waterings seems a bit long. i would set it in the bath tub or kitchen sink and give it enough water to thoroughly saturate the soil. let it sit for a few minutes to let most of the excess water drain out. then set it in a sunny location. check the soil's moisture every couple of days.

dont fertilizer until it has recovered.

if it shows signs of life, just continue checking the soil moisture and water when dry. a few weeks after that you can give it some fertilizer. and repot next spring.

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My whole 5-6 ft tree now seems to be drooping over, and some of the leaves are curled up and hanging badly. It has had several blooms on it, and now has one green golf ball size lemon. I need help, I don't want it to die. It is in a 25 gallon patio pot, mulched, along with a Clementine that is doing just fine. And has had plenty of water. Now I am wondering if maybe too much. Will check that out in the morning. But, still need some advice on what to do, or look for, I love growing things, and it hurts when I fail at something like this.

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Connie how long have you had it in the pot? the roots might be bound iun the pot, and need to be trimed. do some searches, you will find on here a thread about containers and water movement, and one on root pruning.

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