Clematis montana's in Zone 6

bill14150(6)June 27, 2013

Has anyone in Zone 6 grown any montana clematis? Some catalogs and sources say it is hardy in zone 6 - 9, others zone 7 - 9. I bought one anyway, the 'Mayleen' variety. It is said to grow 20, 30, even 40 feet tall, making it excellent for growing into a tree. I've got it below a white birch tree, hoping it will make it at least to 20 feet. I'm wondering if it could get to 40 feet in my zone, 6. Any thoughts?

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Betty Levar

I have two that I purchased many years ago and I am in Zone 6. They are strong growers and cover the entire 40' for fence. In the spring it is covered and I mean covered with pink flowers. You will love it.

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Thank you betty1822. I figure if I can get to survive the upcoming winter (very uncomfortable saying that since it is only July 1!) I'll be golden. It's in quite a bit of shade now, but when leaves are off, it's full sun. So early spring it will have plenty of time to get up into the birch tree and go from there. It's been in for about 1-1/2 months, and is still doing well. So I am hopeful.

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I bought a montana wilsonii in the early May because the clematis grower said it would do well on my terrace in Vienna, Austria.

The containers weren't finished yet so all the plants spent a long time in their little pots. It had a great bloom but then its leaves started to turn a reddish bronze. Finally, two weeks ago, I could transplant it. Suddenly the leaves began to turn brown and within three days it looked completely dead despite being well watered.

From what I have read, I don't think it was wilt. The question is, if I cut it at soil level will it grow back? or was it shock that really killed it? It was also quite top heavy before it turned brown - would this have weakened it?

The Clematis Rasputin next to it is happy and sending out new shoots!

(This is my first post - why is the picture sideways?)

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