fall vegetables

zoesdadSeptember 6, 2008

I am in the Raleigh/Wake Forest area of NC and am interested in planting a fall garden. I know that turnips, cabbage, collards, spinach and lettuce are some of the good crops, but is it too late to get started? Where is a good source to buy seedlings in the Raleigh area?


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Tammy Kennedy

there was a similar thread in the last few weeks. try a search...
and no it's not too late at all.

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Tammy Kennedy

now that i look, right now it's only 2 down from this thread. 'advice on a fall garden'.

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Thanks,Tame. I did find that, but still don't know the best place to find transplants. Don't really want to go to a big box store, and don't have the patients for seed. I thought I would try the farmers market, but thats a haul from Wake Forest...

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Tammy Kennedy

Well, I'd say either Logan's (downtown) or the farmer's market, so that's no help. Maybe it's worth a foray into raleigh for you. You need to get some folks from wake forest to weigh in- nancedar? I know homewood is more up your way, but have no clue whether they'll have veggie transplants. There's atlantic ave nursery, too. There used to be a nursery up 401 n, about 5 miles past the split, but it's been a while since i drove up that way. The big boxes actually do have decent veggies for fall, so don't count them completely out of the picture. Lots of stuff is easy enough to start from seed in the ground and it's far from too late. Good luck! tammy

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I usually wait until its reliably cool (nothing over 80 degrees) before I buy stuff. I only grow a few of each so I normally buy transplants instead of seeds but sometimes I go crazy and sow a ton. I just shop around and buy whatever I find that looks healthy. By the end of the month everyone should have all their winter babies out and ready to go.

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