Transplanting Epiphyllum seedlings

hayuAugust 1, 2008

I have several epi seedlings that are at various stages of growth.(1/4 to 1 1/2" in hight.)I have 5 that are touching or soon will be touching the top cover of the seeding tray. I need to transplant them.

My question is should I keep them in the soil I used to plant the seeds in or go ahead and put them in the soil I use for use for older cuttings and plants? Right now they are in half peat and half coarse sand with a good handful of perlite.

My normal mix is African Violet soil and course sand, to which I add some clay shards, some pebbles, and some perlite.

I was also planning to keep them in a plastic bag. One more question. Should you plant them in their own pot or together or does this matter?

These are the first seeds I have done. There is so much info on the web I'm confused.

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

Take out the biggest babies and put them in a 3 in pot. 4" is the roots are cramped.(only 1ea pot) Gradually get them use to coarser mix. Less Peat moss, and more coarse sand and pumice.
Set them in indirect light then more into light sun, morning sun, perhaps with another plant in front to give the dappled light, wait until winter when it's cool to trans plant them again if need or just moved. They can take temps, down into the 20tys here in So. Calif. they will need to be treated like babies until they are at least a year old and can be wiened off the plastic bag. Be gentle with them, and give a very light fertilizer after you water them each time to make their roots stronger, I suggest a 0-10-10 ,1/2tbs per gal. No nitregen at this time, seaweed liquid fertilizer would be great but go easy on it. It has the minerals that it will need to be strong. Norma

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I haven't been able to find 0-10-10 fertilizer here the closest is Shultz Cactus fertilizer. I have 7-7-7 for adult epis.

I called around for the seaweed fertilizer. No one has heard of that one.

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