Henry I survives calamity from neighbor yard

pac101202June 23, 2009

I have a Henry I that came up this spring for it's 3rd year and had a spectacular bloom and grew strong & well. One week in May, the plant starting dying pretty much all over (if there was any trend it was from the top down to base). It was 100% totally brown within a week so I ruled out insects and considered this "wilt" thing. Then, I learned that our neighbors used some type of chemical to COMPLETELY eradicate any growing thing in their yard; of course this Henry I grows on the adjoining fence. So I concluded chemical damage/death.

I was getting ready to dig it up, and replant the space, after about 6 weeks. And now we have 3 strong looking shoots coming up, that are about 12 inches tall now. So here is an example of 'don't be too quick to give up.' I am glad I did not act quickly in my anxiety & sadness back in May.

The question I had for the group is this: will this plant behave like it's spring time again i.e. first bloom and all ? Because from the plant's perspective, it's just gone through an (involuntary) dormant period. I'm not sure if my expectations should be different from the normal springtime routine. thanks ! Pat in Sacramento CA

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

It may bloom again for you since you have a long growing season.

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Here is an update: The vine is now 5 1/2 ft tall with several stalks and several buds on it. Been growing amazingly fast these last couple weeks.

So whatever happened to it before, it came back - and strong. And we're going to get another huge burst of blooms so that's pretty excellent as well.

Although I'm still somewhat new to this plant, I would say this episode has changed my opinion now - I'm more confident that they are pretty tough and resilient.

Pat in Sacramento CA USA

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Interesting story- I'm happy your Henryi survived.

What have the neighbors done with their yard since the chemical asault?

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The yard is absolutely bare - no planting, no more cleaning up, nothing. We think the elderly folks are gone and the young adult siblings just did not want to deal with growing anything & so opted for chemical assault.

I'm not putting any more clematis along that fence, however. I have other sections of my large backyard for future acquisitions.

Pat in Sacramento CA

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