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glaciers_end(8WA)October 10, 2012

Hi all,

here's something that I haven't seen tried before. If you're like me, you've been collecting trees all season waiting for the plants to get stronger or simply waiting for cooler weather to get things in the ground. Here is a gallery of the best of what I've found in 2012. Most of what you see has now been planted as we've had a couple of weeks of delightfully sunny warm days and very cool nights. As I've been unpotting and planting the roots have really been popping.

In each picture, I'll list the cultivar and where I got it along with the grower (if known).

back deck overview. Eastern exposure, under a canopy of Arbutus menziesii (Madrone). During the summer, the deck only gets an hour or two of sun.

back deck, other side.

Now the specific plants . . .

1. Species, left to right: Pinus pinaster, a trade from Sam (Monkeytreeboy); Pinus paulustris, Colvos Creek seedling (huge experiment in the NW); Picea morrisonicola, Colvos Creek seeling; Picea crassifolia, Colvos Creek seedling; and Dacrydium dacrydioides, Colvos Creek seedling.

2. Larger Piceas, both purchased at local nurseries: Picea sitchensis 'Silberzwerg,' Iseli and Picea englemannii 'Snake,' grower unknown.

3. Deciduous things, left to right: Metasequoia glyptostroboides 'Schirrmann's Nordlicht,' a trade from Sam (Buchholz graft), Larix kaempferi 'Bambino' and 'Tunis,' Stanley and Sons grafts.

4. Abies, yes I realize that at this point they're little more than puffs of needles, but they'll get more coverage as they grow. Back row, left to right: Abies numidica 'Selection Draht,' Abies cephalonica 'Antoinne' and Abies fraseri' all from Porterhowse Farms; Abies balsamaea 'Piccolo,' Iseli.

front row, left to right: Abies koreana 'Edelweiss Sunshine' and Abies fraseri 'Paul's Broom' trades from Will Haas and Matt Deates (Joe Braeu grafts); Abies fraseri 'Wingle's Blue Bonnet' and 'Reeseville Selection' and Abies pinsapo 'Fastigiata' all from Stanley and Sons.

5. Piceas, back row, left to right: Picea abies 'Filip's Black Magic' and Picea pungens 'Filip's Blue Compact,' scionwood provided from Edwin, Jason Hupp did the grafts; Picea englemannii 'Blue Magoo,' and Picea smithiana 'Pakistan,' Porterhowse; Picea smithiana 'Sunray,' also from Edwin courtesy of Jason.

front row: Picea glauca 'Sander's Blue,' Stanley and Sons; Picea glauca 'Spring Surprise,' Picea englemannii 'Franzi' and Picea abies 'Typner' from Coenosium Gardens.

6. Soft pines, back row, left to right: Pinus koriensis 'Gee Broom,' Porterhowse; Pinus x schwerinnii 'Wiethorst,' local nursery, grower unkown; Pinus strobus 'Greenfield,' trade from Kevin; Pinus monticola 'Nana,' Evergreen Nursery.

Front row, left to right: Picea koriensis 'Blue Ball,' Pinus parviflora 'Kinpo' and Billie' and Pinus cembra 'Fussball,' all from Stanley and Sons; Pinus strobus 'Puffer Ball,' another trade from Kevin.

7. Hard pines, left to right: Pinus banksiana 'Manomet,' Stanley and Sons; Pinus sylvestris 'Hexguld,' Coenosium Gardens; Pinus sylvestris 'Balenice' and 'Cupcake,' Stanley and Sons.

A big round of thanks to all my friends and enablers from the GardenWeb conifer boards. Without you, I wouldn't have all these cool plants to add to my collection. Next stop is the Western Region Conifer Society Conference in Petaluma next week. Can't wait to see what may appear on the auction tables.

Now it's your turn. What cool and new stuff did you find this year?


If you

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Now thats a nice haul!

Great post by the way. I'll be sure to post a few this weekend. I haven't kept up with the plants I put in this year. The drought crippled my time and some weren't quite deserving of gallery threads.

Look forward to seeing others new acquisitions that may not have made the galleries.

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monkeytreeboy15(Zone 7b/8a)

Wow, Dave! It was great to see some of the plants I traded you.

Your Dacrydium dacrydioides will also be an experiment. Ours died at Albers Vista Gardens during the bad winter a couple of years back.

Is the fraseri you got from Porterhowse Farms the golden one? 'Old Ridge'?

What do you know about 'Filip's Black Magic', 'Edelweiss Sunshine', and 'Sunray'? I've never seen these plants before!

Thanks again for sharing, and I look forward to trading again soon. I have some things to trade. If you're interested, send me an e-mail!


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monkeytreeboy15(Zone 7b/8a)

Also, I'm somewhat envious of your 'Hexguld'. I was practically begging Bob for one of those this spring, but I'm still on the waitlist.

Again, thanks for sharing!


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Great thread for drooling....

I especially like the Pinus sylvestris 'Hexguld' be sure to post more pics of that in midwinter.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

here's the real question.. what percent.. actually have a place to be planted .. lol ...

collecting is fun.. great job


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coniferjoy(z7 The Netherlands)

Dave, thanks for the great pics of a nice great selection of new conifers for your collection.

The true cultivar name for Picea abies 'Filip's Black Magic' is 'Filip's Mystic Black'.
Please change this...

Pinus sylvestris 'Hexguld' is a very difficult one which will burn all the time if planted in to much sun.
A bit morning sun is enough to give it a nice colour...

Please also change:
Pinus paulustris into Pinus palustris

Picea englemannii (3x)into Picea engelmannii

Larix kaempferi 'Tunis' into 'Peve Tunnis'

Abies cephalonica 'Antoinne' into 'Anthoine'

Pinus koriensis 'Gee Broom' into Pinus koraiensis 'K.G.'

Pinus parviflora 'Kinpo' into 'Kin-po'

I hope that I helped you with this info...

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thanks, Edwin. Most were simple typos. But 'Peve Tunnis,' and 'K.G.' are new to me.

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Hi Ken, more plants means I can continue my quest of eliminating more "lawn." actually I can easily find a home for all of these plants. Here's a few shots of a bed renovation I did last weekend. I didn't get any before shots, but believe me when I say that this space was an overgrown mess of Vinca minor and a couple scraggly Cupressus sempervirens that just weren't happy there. I added 12 dwarf and miniature conifers to this 20ft x 4ft space.

overview of the bed that my office window overlooks (2 directions).


a closeup of Pinus sylvestris 'Hexguld.' This bed is on the north side of the house and rarely receives direct sun. I think it will be happy here. The other golden pine in the overviews is Pinus contorta 'Frisian Gold.'

Here's something else new I recently scored. Cryptomeria japonica 'Twinkle Toes.' This is an Iseli introduction of a golden sport found on 'Tansu.' I found this at a local nursery and was very excited to finally see it offered for sale.

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Wow, you must be very happy with this year's additions. Nice pictures of nice plants.

I am particularly jealous of Pinus cembra 'Fussball' and Abies fraseri 'Wingle's Blue Bonnet', since these selections were part of my Stanley order, and they were included in the 10% of the order which didn't get filled.

It's reassuring to see there are others out there who buy so many new plants with no immediate planting need. :-)

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

I'm jealous too because half my order from S&S died! Including several of the rare ones Dave is showing.

Darn things weren't hardened off when they were shipped.

At least my 'Fussball' made it.

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Hi Will,

I've bought plants from Larry Stanley for many years and have learned the tricks on how they work. First, keep in mind that in most cases, you will be getting either fresh or second-season grafts. As every grower will tell you, grafting is easy; it's the after-care that's the art of the process. However, for the price we pay for these oft-times rare plants, it's worth the risk.

It also helps that I only live a couple of hours from the S&S operations center, so I can order online and pick up the order in person. That way I can stroll the candy shop and cherry-pick specimens I overlooked online. Also saves big bux on shipping.

What we're exchanging for the price of getting young plants is the expense of aftercare. Normally a season or two in the on-deck circle is all they need. Very little direct sun and being mindful of irrigation will get them strong enough for planting out. I, too had high attrition rates from my first order or two from Larry, but as of late, his plants have done quite well for me. As I planted out some of the S&S plants this fall, I noticed a marked inprovement in the roots -- lots of new white fiber and no issues with rootbound understock. Very pleased!


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Good points, Dave. I'll just add you can pick any ship date you like on the Stanley web form. The past few of years, I've had my order shipped the first week of October. I've also had them hold it over fall and winter, and send in the spring. Same price, but they retain responsibility for care during this critical period. Plus, if anything dies in the meantime, it won't be on your hands. In my experience the downside is, the longer you ask them to hold your order the more missing plants you'll have, since the sweetest plants are "cherry-picked" by folks who show up in person ;^)(i.e., held for you though otherwise sold out). This year I ordered 45 plants from them and got 41, not too bad in my opinion. Plus they didn't charge me this year for plants that weren't sent, an added plus.

Will, Dave also raises another important point which is to keep your young grafts out of direct sun throughout next season. Even for sun-loving plants like pines, you want to avoid direct exposure. Under the shade of a deciduous tree works well, or bright shade otherwise. Start bringing them out into sun the following year.


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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Definitely good points, thanks for sharing. Dave, I should have you cherry pick for me!

I've actually lucked out with subs. One of which was a $35 Pinus parviflora 'Catherine Elizabeth' for a $10 plant I can't remember.

The problem with my last order was that I wasn't aware that the PNW was extremely far behind so I got fresh grafts that were halfway through their flush. I actually had them in close to full shade. Two died in the box, six others died within a month. I should have given Larry a harder time but I just let it go since I technically picked the date, but usually most growers will take responsibility as to the plant hardening off...Kary Gee, Don Howse and Diane Fincham have turned down or rescheduled based on the plants being able to take shipment before. Which is a good thing!

My Larix 'Bambino' and Pinus 'Blue Ball' where tough to lose.

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