Those Finicky Meyers?

mandarin1April 13, 2012

I've noticed Meyer Lemons referred to as "finicky", "picky" "sensitive" etc. to the point where I told my sister that "Meyers seem like bratty children, prone to frequent tantrums...". Lol, I bought one anyway :-)

Do people find other lemons less finicky? In particular, is the variegated pink easier? How about lemonquats?

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Where do you live? Can you grow your Meyer inground, or do you have to have it in container?
Meyers require quite a lot of attention and special care in containers; but the rewards of the fruit are worth it.
Planted inground the Meyer is much more forgiving; and when grown as a crop in the field, they are actually quite easy to grow. I have 8,000 in the field; adding another 8-10,000 this year. I also have Meyers in all my gardens; and those need a little more attention; e.g. I put foliar fert. on them every 15 days, as they do not compete well with other garden plants for water, fertilizer, etc; and they often get insects, fungi, etc from neighboring plants if not given the proper protection.
There are many huge fans of Meyers here... I may be the biggest... so, if you ask questions and post pictures, you will get enough advice to make the growing of your tree successful... and maybe fun.

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Hi Johnmerr, I live in NY so in-ground is out of the question, unfortunately! I'm actually going to try growing this particular tree indoors in a sunroom (western exposure) with supplemental lighting. I have no questions about my Meyer just yet, only wondering if people with experience growing more than 1 kind of lemon found the non-Meyer less "picky" particularly when in containers? You obviously enjoy them, I'm blown away by those numbers! Best of luck with every single tree!

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

My big meyer is a brat my small one is an angel so I guess it just depends.


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I have a love hate relationship with mine.


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Lol, got it loud and clear (oh please, please let my new Meyer be an angel!). But if you were making a recommendation to a newbie who wants to grow the "easiest" lemon tree, best chances of success, would you still recommend a Meyer? Or would you lean toward something else?

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Absolutely! I have had several over the years at different homes. They have always done well and produced over abundantly. Granted mine have all been in ground but I am not very dutiful in taking care of them. I plant all my citrus and then forget about them until it is time to pick the fruit. They get some fertilizer in the spring and thats about it. So in my estimation they have to be very tolerant and forgiving.


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