Does anyone know what's wrong with this Jackmanii?

gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)June 22, 2009

I have 2 Jackmanii's in front of my front porch which are well established, 9 year old plants. A couple of years ago, one of them suddenly started having several stems (but not all) having a problem that looked like a nutrient deficiency. Green veins and spots with yellowing in between. I fertilized it with a liquid fertilizer mixed with epsom salt. It made no difference. The leaves got progressively more discolored over a period of days, then turned brown and died. This happened to that plant 2 years in a row. This year it hasn't had the problem yet.

However, this year, the other Jackmanii is doing the same thing. From reading the descriptions of clematis wilt, it doesn't sound like that. The stems don't wilt first. The leaves discolor, then eventually die. I'm posting pictures. The third picture is one where it's pretty advanced and about to turn completely brown. You can see some dead leaves around it, and also some perfectly healthy leaves on other stems. I hope someone can help! I don't know what to do about this problem that keeps re-occuring.

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jeanne_texas(Z 8B TX)

Besides being a Magnesium deficit in your also seems your soil is worn out/void of should not only give some Epsom Salts mixed in water as done in prior year but top dressing your gardens with composted cowmanure and topping with mulch each Spring will allow the worms to till the nutrients into your soil and feed your plants..a yearly regime of this will allow last years mulch to break down and become nutrient for your plants...Jeanne

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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

I do topdress them with a few inches of compost every year, give them a tablespoon of Osmocote, and feed them liquid fert a few times each season.


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westy1941(Boulder County, CO)

WOW - that's the prettiest BLUE clem I've ever seen! Is it really that color? I'd be wanting to save it too!!!


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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

No, it's not blue. My camera does not photograph purple very accurately. It's rather annoying.


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virgiebaby165(z6 WNY)

I too had the same problem in Z6 for the past 2 years (this is my 3rd). I have a Jackmani and Henryi next to it. No problem with H. but my J. started turning the mottled color 3 yrs ago. Thinking hubby hit it with Weed n Feed, I waited and about 1/2 the lower greens turned a yellow green veined look BUT produced perfect flowers on the upper green leaves..looked terrible though! After posting, I got a bit of help...Jeanne in TX is right....I had to top dress last year and add nutrients. Also possibly ground is so poor it will not release the proper nutrients if you have them. This year (3 yrs later and putting blue tarps down to prevent the Weed n Feed problem), it only has about 1/5 of the greens that way....not perfect but improving and looks less. I also was going to dig and toss if not improved this year...I can now save it!!! It took a few years to get in this condition and will take a few to get out of it...patience please. Use that manure for sure and Epsom salts too. Check with your nursery person also...mine indicated LEAF CHLOROSIS for which I also used Iron Sulfate by Bionide...look that up on the Internet...this has helped a lot. My look is somewhat different than your look though.

E-mail me and I can send photos of mine from last year vs. this year...can't figure how to get photos onto here.

Best of luck.
Ginny B.

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virgiebaby165(z6 WNY)

Responded directly to your e-mail but it was returned...your over your quota...need to clean it up and then resend an e-mail to me. I have about 4 photos for you.

Ginny B.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Weed N'Feed's main chemical 2-4D can drift and cause damage even though the plant wasn't sprayed. It puts off gas and the wind moves the gas. You can kill tomatoes fifty yards away from your lawn.

2-4D is implicated in causing cancer in dogs though the link isn't proven. If you have a dog you might not want to use it.

To post photos they must already be on the Internet on a website such as Photobucket that allows linking then you use HTML code to make them show up here.

You right click on the photo and copy image location then type:
opening symbol img src=paste the photo URL here and follow with the closing symbol

The symbols are I can't type it out because it will try to show a picture and you won't see the code

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gardenfanatic, your camera is like mine. Whenever I take a picture of purple flowers they show up blue when I upload them on my computer.

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