Eye screws and twine for brick column--need advice

gardenerzone4(5b)June 7, 2010

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to install eye screws on a brick column so I can weave sisal twine between the screws for my new Jackmanii clematis to climb. At the end of the season, I plan to cut the twine off along with the Jackmanii vines and compost the whole lot.

Question for those of you who know more about home improvement than I do:

Do I need to use a special type of eye screw on brick?

Do I insert the eye screw into the brick itself or into the mortar in between the bricks?

Do I need to use an anchor to prevent the screws from being pulled out of the column in strong wind, etc.?

Does the screw hole need to be sealed with silicone or anything to prevent moisture from seeping in?

Any other hardware stuff I need to consider?



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I'll bite. The best way to secure anything to brick is with a dedicated fastener, you'll need a 2 piece setup. Usually you drill a larger hole that accepts a plastic piece, and then the actual metal hook will go into that expanding the plastic piece to make it very snug.

They make special masonry bits you'll need to use to drill into the mortar if you don't have a hammer drill. Hammer drills vibrate when you drill, and are almost mandatory to drill into brick.

You can safely drill into the mortar with a regular drill and mortar bit (looks like has a spade on the end almost, just meant to take a beating). link to image of masonry bit:


example of fasteners:


I wouldn't worry about sealing it, it should be like a 1/4" hole for the plastic, and should be very snug, water won't make much impact. But if you ever remove them, you should fill with something to keep water out.

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Sorry, just reread your original message. You can use regular eye hooks, but probably longer threaded ones, and look for something a bit more durable than the in home versions, if you can find like galvanized or more "outdoor" capable.

The 2 piece anchor bit, just get the plastic piece from whatever "kit" home depot or lowes sells, and match your eye hooks to that, usually the masonry anrchor and screw come together (sometimes with a masonry bit as well so you know which sized bit to get). So just find a similar eye to replace the screws that came with the kit...

Really any kind of plastic anchor like the ones below will do. If you're not hanging a lot of weight, you can use smaller eye bolts.


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Thanks so much for your suggestions! I really appreciate the knowledge I've gained. I think that I'll try the trumax system first, because it is less invasive (no drilling). But if that isn't satisfactory, I'll go the anchor and eye screw route.

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