Another Curled leaf issue

letsskiApril 25, 2014

I searched the forum for curled leaves but didn't find a post that seemed to be the same issue I'm having.

I have a 2 year old Skaggs Bonanza orange tree in a 25 gal container with "regular" citrus potting soil..not Al's gritty mix.

I fertilize with Foliage Pro monthly and water when the top 4" of soil dries. The tree is growing and set fruit, but lost many in our freezing spell in January.

The photo shows the leaf curl I'm dealing with. I don't see evidence of aphids, leaf miners or mites. I've looked at the leaves under a printer's loop.

I sprayed with Spinosad once about a month ago, but new leaves are still curling.

Any thoughts? I'm in the SF Bay Area.


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Sometimes this can be caused by aphids. If you've hosed off your tree and treated with Spinosad, you should be fine. Be sure to treat for ants as well, if they're climbing through the tree, as they will keep the aphids alive and farm them. So, ant treatment should also be included if you see ants. And, sometimes you can see some leaf curling due to too much nitrogen - not to worry about, just can disfigure the leaves a bit. If the tree receives way too much N, that can cause the fruit to have thickened skin, and not taste as good, but I don't think you've overdone the fertilizing to this extent. If you're concerned, you can always cut down your Foliage Pro to 1/2 strength monthly, or full strength every other month.

Patty S.

Also, looks like you might have a little sprout emerging from down on the rootstock (see the sprout down my the white wrap tag). Just thumb it off.

Patty S.

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