Yup. I think it's dead

queensinfoApril 14, 2014

Thanks to all those that have attempted to help over the past year. I don't think my tree is pulling out of this one. All branches have browned and seem like they are dead. I have been doing the inside/outside dance hoping to see some signs of buds but no luck. Not sure how much longer to keep doing the shuffle.

Hmm..to buy another one or not? Not sure I want to take on the expense and hassle of lights for the winter.

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Have you made a very small knick with a sharp knife on all of the twigs and stems?
I thought a mulberry was toast one spring. I scraped along each twig with a sharp knife, very small scrape and there was green under the bark. If it is dry and brown, it is dead. I had one small twig still green and now it is growing into a fine tree.
Meanwhile I went and bought another mulberry and just about the time I got the second mulberry in the hole close to the "deceased" the deceased budded out.
Now I have two. Wish I had trusted my test but two is as good as one.

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they seem pretty brown and dry. i have gotten pretty good about that since a ton of the branches have been slowly dying. The trunk doesnt appear to be dead but the outer branches all do. I will try to scrape tonight and see. A shame since it looked like this in the early fall...

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the top half is definitely dead. the lower 6 inches of the trunk may still be alive.

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happy to report still some green areas under the brown. most of the main trunk, even above those bottom 6 inches, and especially the branch aiming up in the picture (would be to t he rght if picture was correct). Still contemplating ordering a new tree, seems like this one will be seriously set back if it ever takes off. Back to the inside-outside shuffle i guess.

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garret_87(Zone 6)

The pic was so sad! I recall your posts over the winter. What are your outdoor temps? Here in Rochester, NY I haven't started the indoor/outdoor shuffle yet because my Meyer is loving the south window+grow light.

How much direct sun does the tree get indoors? Was it too close to a heat source?

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Thanks garret. Bringing out when warmer than 50 daytime. Definitely not too close to heat source. Actually that is a cold spot even though somewhat near radiator. It is next to a south-southwest facing window but kinda off to the side. No supplemental lighting. What type of light do you have?

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garret_87(Zone 6)

I use a 150w HPS grow light over my citrus and other indoor plants. I got it online from HTGsupply for $66 plus shipping. I have to say that HPS is the superior grow light compared to fluorescents (which I also tried for citrus).

As far as supplemental lighting goes, I have also tried incandescent "plant" bulbs, CFLs and fluorescents. All these were little to no help to keep my lemon tree alive and thriving.

I would highly recommend an HPS light if you can spare the $66 to buy it and roughly $5-10 extra on the electricity bill. Honestly the electricity bill didn't noticeably change considering I use two 100w lights for my iguana, plus our PC is 400w and Xbox is 400w.

All things to consider. I hope you get another citrus! They are very rewarding when you achieve success. Keep us updated :-)

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I bought another one but this one is just starting to come back.

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