Broom Universe 75 - Czech Masters 17 - Pavel Oralek

mesterhazypinetum(6)November 19, 2011

Collecting conifer brooms - a possible way of life in Cesko.

Mr. Oralek and the family collects first for their own garden, but sometimes the nice broom find their way to nurseries...

The collection became known with Jiri Balatka's help. Photos of Pavel Oralek.

Larix decidua Kutiny

Larix decidua Opatovice

Larix decidua Parasol

Larix decidua Porta Coeli

Picea abies Balon

Picea abies Dana

Picea abies Dana

Picea abies Hradcany

Picea abies Hustopece

Picea abies Jarka

Picea abies Kumulus

Picea abies Luha

Picea abies Luha

Picea abies Lysice

Picea abies Macocha

Picea abies Planivy

Picea abies Planivy

Picea abies Stratus

Picea abies Strelnice

Picea abies Strelnice

Picea abies Svojanov

Picea abies Svarov


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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Zsolt- I may not post in each thread, but I do appreciate all the work you put into these interesting posts you've shared with us. You are our link to the happenings going on in Europe.


    Bookmark   November 22, 2011 at 10:49PM
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