State Fair

jeeper55(7)September 24, 2013

It is getting that time of the year again, anyone got anything entered in the gardening and flower section this year. That my favorite part of the fair.

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I hope I hope I hope. It all depends on if I can get my act together in time.

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I hope you can, i really enjoy that end of the fair. If it won't for that i would not even go.

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Well the garden gods were smiling on me. I did quite well on the first show. I didn't write down what all placed what and I don't remember which things won first, second or third but my variegated ginger won one of the extra prizes (big orange ribbon). I am thrilled and can't wait for the second show and then the third and last show.

Someone should video me trying to wrangle all my entries into the vehicle and setting them up at the fairgrounds. It looks a lot like some "I Love Lucy" episode with me proudly marching up to the Flower House doorway with swarms of busy gardeners darting in and out, me standing there with a nice full branch of blooms...and as I take the final step up to the table to hand it over for judging, a petal falls, and then another... a gust of the faintest breeze whips up and ALL THE PETALS FALL OFF ALL THE FLOWERS!!!! I am reduced to fits of hysterical laughter, screaming I should be granted a ribbon just to get them up and through the doorway. sheesh.

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dianne1957(NC 7b)

Just got back from the State Fair.
The gardens are outstanding this year! Just Beautiful!

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Okay, I just got back from entering my stuff in the Second Show where I also got to pick up my ribbons for the First Show. I won 2 Blue Ribbons (First Place), one of which won an Award of Merit (extra $25!!!); 8 Red Ribbons (Second Place), and 6 White Ribbons (Third Place). All told I won $103 in prize money on the first show. I would guess that over half of what I entered won something. You have to enter a month in advance, so you enter more categories than you will ever show up with just to be safe. It all comes down to the weather and what looks good on judgement day. None of my dahlias looked good enough to show but I entered a lot of them and just left them at home on show day. It doesn't cost anything to enter the flower show so I wasn't out any money, just a couple of hours of my time cutting, primping and hauling to the fair grounds (the plants, not ME! I looked like crap!!)

I foresee a road trip to Sanford next Spring to spend my winnings!

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Today I entered everything for the third and final show of the fair. While there I picked up my ribbons for the Second Show. I did even better than the first show. Looks like 23 ribbons out of 45 entries! Ka-ching!! This has been so worth the hassle. I will definitely be doing this again next year.

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dekeoboe(7B NC)


Where in Sanford do you go? I tried to mention one place I thought it would be, and Gardenweb won't let them be named.

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Rhymes with Gig Gloomers. It's an old complaint against this company but for some reason the issue of blocking it has never been lifted. Everyone gets around that by contorting the name. GardenWeb doesn't want us to ever name names anyway, they would rather business' buy advertising. They used to be way more strict about anyone posting a response with a product or business name in it.

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dekeoboe(7B NC)

Thanks. I was wondering if there was another place in Sanford that I didn't know about. I have been there recently and bought some of their sale plants. Really hard not to buy anything when they are 50â and $1.00!!

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Back in the old days you could buy 4 paks for a dollar! 3 inch potted annuals and perennials for less than $3. It was all too easy to go there and haul home a car load.

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trianglejohn, congrats on all your ribbons!! plantbug

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lois(PA Zone 6)

trianglejohn, congrats! Hope I can get to the fair next year, it sounds awesome.

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Trinaglejohn ,i didn't make it to fair this year had a flair up of aurther in my knees but i am glad you won all the goodies. hopefully next year.

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