Seed growing.

maark23 TX/8aOctober 27, 2013

Hello all, I have been lurking around, looking at everyones lovely pics. I am mostly on the plumeria, cacti forum.

I was wondering if growing brugs from seed is easy, and how long it would take to get flowers on a seed grown plant.

I was thinking of starting some seed this fall.

I am not even sure when to sew these. I read a couple of post of seed starting in November, so I'm guessing this is the time!

Any help would be appreciated!!



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It can take anywhere from 9 months to years to get a bloom, just depends on the cross and your growing ability.

It's a good time to plant now and maybe you'll get blooms next fall.

You could take the easy way and just get cuttings unless your just wanting to start seeds. I find growing seeds very rewarding. You just need patience ;)

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maark23 TX/8a

Thanks ednam! I plan on starting cuttings but in the spring, unless now is a good time to start them? It's still pretty warm here.

I wanted to start seed to pass the time during the winter when it's all cold and gloomy! Lol!


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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

You can start seeds indoors any time of year. It is fun growing seeds in the winter. I have 2 black wire adjustable shelves that I rigged with lights for indoor seed starting. I start all my tomatoes and peppers in late Nov.- early Dec here.

Here is how I like to start my brug seedlings. I label them with #'s and then have a spreadsheet with corresponding # and name of cross or you could just use a notebook.

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Lynette those looks so nice. What a neat method you have.

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Whoa Lenette, that's a lot of seedlings! When I tried seeds, they sprouted and started to grow, but then I killed them :-(

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maark23 TX/8a

Ooooo what a nice set up, Lenette!!

Do you start the seed in those peat pellets or your own mix?



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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Thanks :) I have 3 of those parkseed biodome plant thingys. I like them for winter seedlings because you can open the tops and let some of the humidity out so the seedlings don't rot. I usually set the biodome on top of a seedling heat mat although I have also been guilty of using the cable box LOL!

During the summer spring or early fall here I can just plant the seeds in seed starter mix and put them in little cups with drainage holes and put them in tupperware with some saran wrap and holes poked in the top or some sort of clear lid. Then I put them in deep shade outside. Keep damp but not soggy. (These are all older pics but for examples) If you write on these little cups with sharpie you can wipe it off with alcohol and wash and reuse the cups.

Once they are a little bigger just pot up to a 4 inch pot then from there they go to 1 gallon then to 3 gallons

I use cups or any old thing lol. Just make sure to poke drainage holes.

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maark23 TX/8a

Oooo very cool!

Thanks for the pics it gives me an idea of how the seedlings should look over time! :)

I need to get a heat mat,, or two!!

Thank you again!! Will keep you updated!

Have a great night!


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