My Dog Ate My Cactus!!

bbelangerAugust 11, 2009

My mother gave me her oldest cactus, and my dog took a big bite out of it. It has been healing on it's own, but the cactus is getting bigger and I'm fearful that the base will not be able to hold much else.

I have pictures, but I'm not sure how to post them here. I don't know if I'm being overly protective, or if there's something I should do to "help" it.

PS. There is no rot in the base.

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My dog is smarter than yours ;)

If there is no rot, there is no cause to take any action, unless, as you imply, future growth will upset the stability the plant, or worse, you grow tired of being reminded of your dogs interest in vegetarianism. In either case, you can transect the plant above the 'chomp', callous, plant in dry soil, and wait about a year for more for roots. Then, you can give it a little water.

You do understand, of course, that 'my dog ate it' is NEVER a satisfactory excuse. You get a F in Cactus Care. Better luck in the Cactus Reconstructive Surgery and Rehabilitation course.

I am curious, is the dog OK? Did he learn a lesson, or is he looking for more Pachanoi to annoy?

I'm assuming you haven't told Mom about this yet... ;)

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rjj1(Norman OK Zone7)

I'm thinking the truth may be "My Drunk Friend Ate My Cactus." I've not come across a dog that mentally challenged before. :-)


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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

(LOL) HOW TRUE!!!! My tequila ridden husband took a bite out of my cactus the same night he bit the neighbor's forever barking dog's ear, tore the side steps off the house , stabbed the refrigerator, and several other things. Never drank tequila again We left the cactus as a reminder. The dog shut up and ran into the corner of his yard every time he saw my husband. My husband can't remember a thing . He thinks I am making it all up except for the mysterious bite out of the Euphorbia and the blistered lips.

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Earlier this year we found a bunch of kittens under the neighbors house, and kept one (before distributing the other three to the rest of the neighbors, as is customary in these parts).

I have this big, confusingly etoliated cactus that I inherited recently. No idea what it is. It's not potted right because you can't hold the thing to get it potted.

One day, one of the kittens tried climbing it and fighting with it. Kittens are smart!

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My cat is smarter than that, whenI buy fresh fish I offer her some first and if she won't eat it I know that it isn't fresh. Norma

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Smart cat Norma. But what do you do if it's not fresh? Just chuck it or do you bring it back to the store and demand some true fresh fish? You should totally bring your cat with you so you don't have to get all the way home to find out it's not fresh.

My cat leaped ontop of the shelf that's loaded with cacti, and eats all the plantlets off of my Chlorophytum. She hasn't gone near the shelf since, but the plantlet numbers seem to be dwindling...

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