Does any one have any experience with?

nannerbelle(8A)September 3, 2013

I'm looking for a possible solution to wasp nests under my deck. At my current house, I've got the exterminator here again today taking out active wasp nests. I had to have them taken out last year as well. Seems the little demons go under the deck and build on the underneath side where they don't get wet. At the new house, I've got a large deck being built on it and would love to figure out how to block them from building. I'm considering having screen put around the space under the deck to try to keep them blocked out. Has anyone had any experience trying to block them out? Any one know of any kind of treatment to help keep them out? I would love it if they just go out in the woods like normal wasps and build their nests. Thanks for any words of wisdom you may have on this.

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Every so often I just set off a bug fogger under my decking

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Does that keep them knocked back Brenda? My exterminator took out 7 nests, one of which was on my spare key box. If I had locked myself out of the house, I would have had a awful surprise.

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

Well, I went with a solid brick raised terrace rather than piered decking so there wouldn't be a drainage problem against the house foundation.
I suppose the latticing you plan can be backed by screening but if they're determined, they'll hang their nests under your deck stairs.
Houses have landscaping and lights that attract bugs and spiders which are handy food for wasp larva.
The bug bomb under the deck sounds like the easiest solution.
On the deck at my other house I had the guys install a collar of two boards wide, parallel to the foundation and attached with easy to remove screws.
This way, when it's time for termite treatments it is easy to get that treatment right there at the foundation in an area that seems always moist and shaded..a termite favorite.

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