Crassula perforata (?) problem

Crenda SWFL 10AAugust 5, 2014

I mentioned in another post that I have been gone for 7 weeks. This plant was left out in the elements during that time. Last month we got 11 inches of rain. So I am not sure if water is the problem. It was also in full sun, southern exposure, all day long in 90+ weather.

While one branch is flowering, there are a lot of crispy leaves that are falling off on the others. There are some offsets at the bottom. Can I, or should I decapitate and root those tops?

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Crenda SWFL 10A

I also suspect that this may be a scale problem. A couple of those bumps did come off with my fingernail. Will scale impact the leaves as shown? I have never had more that one or two on a plant, and I attacked those right away with alcohol.

Should I just remove what I find, or is a systemic in order? Or both? Do you think all of the above conditions (rain, heat, scale) have led to my plant looking like this?

Sigh . . . I thought I was going to be gone for a couple of weeks, but my mom needed my help so I stayed longer and didn't properly prepare my plants.

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Definitely looks like it's sunburned pretty badly. I would move them to a shadier area. The ones that are severely crisped I would cut and propagate, otherwise the plant should be okay. Nice to see it flower!

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I do see those bumps you referred to; it could be scale. And yes, it is definitely burnt which is resulting in those crispy leaves falling off. Based on the burn pattern my guess is that rain sat on the leaves, then the sun came out and burned those areas.

There's a good tutorial on this site for scale treatment if you want to try that just in case.

Good luck!!

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Crenda SWFL 10A

Thank you, my friends! I was pretty sure they were burnt, but was unsure if that is scale. I'll search for the tutorial and I have moved the plant to bright shade.

I'm mad at myself for not anticipating a longer stay. Mom has been fighting esophageal cancer for 4 1/2 years, so I should have known that something could come up. I did move all my jades out of the rain, so that was good. This one burned and my campfire rotted, but most everything else looks OK.

Thanks again!

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Laura Robichaud

Crenda, I had the same thing happen to my perforata that was in full sun.

Sorry to hear about your mom. :(

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